Friday, June 26, 2009

January 5, 2009

Well dang, I just wrote a huge letter, and since everything is in spanish, I accidently hit the wrong button and exited. Well everything here is still going Great. We had my first baptism on Saturday, and I got to give the blessing. We are excited for this week becasue it is looking like we may have up to 7 baptisms! We have a family of 5, One other one for sure, and another one who said probably. So that is Great!

The lessons here are a bit different then how we do them in the MTC. So I had to learn this way, but it is good. Same information just given differently. ON the first visist we teach the first lesson and ask them to pray, and on the second visit we teach them the second and ask them to follow Christs example and be baptised. Most people are pretty reseptive, and the only realy hard part is the Catholic church saying things about us.

The people here are great. I just wish that I could comunicate a bit more. I try to talk alot, and usually say some dumb things, but that is ok because we just tell them I am learning and they smile and laugh. ALMOST everyone likes us. There are the preachers though who don´t seem to fond, but I just wave and tell them Good Morning or Good Night. And, the girls... they are crazy. THey always say things like "MI Amor" or "Gringo Guapo" lol and it is hard rite now not to laugh because they smile and don´t have any teeth. But everyone is very nice here and feed us well.

All they realy cook here is Corn Tortillas and Chicken. That drink dad was called Atole. It isn´t my favorite. Lol we have had a few thing like that, and you just have to smile, and swallow. Lol it is great. We don´t eat from street vendors, but if someone asks to take us out to one to eat we are suppose to exept. So I have eaten of the street twice now. The first time I threw up when we got home, but the second time I was able to keep it down! Just made sure to put lots of lime on to kill the bacteria. :) That second time we got tacos, and they bought me One beef, one chicken, and one pork intestine. It was SPICY! But, very good. And when I say tacos, I don´t mean anything like Taco Bell! :)

Well Other than that we just have been working hard. Our area is about 15 miles and we walk it a few times a day. I didn´t think it was possible but im already losing weight. I had to punch a new hole in my belt! Crazy! But ya, my feet are covered in blisters, and I am deffinatly ready for bed every night! It is great. The pain in my legs, and sunburns, and blisters, and getting sick just mean we are working hard. It is GREAT FUn!

How did the baby blessing go?

I love you All,

Elder Paul

P.S. There were people at the air port to get me and brought me to the mission house, BUT.... the next morning they got me a taxi and directions to the bus station, and money and was that an experience. It took me along time to find what bus, how to pay and when to leave. THat ride was about 3 hours, and then my companions were at the station to pick me up.

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