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December 24, 2008

Elder Adam Paul (Center) with two Elders - MTC - Provo, Utah
Missionary Group - MTC - Provo, Utah
No mixing Elders and Sisters - MTC - Provo, Utah

Strong man Elder Adam Paul with two Elders - MTC - Provo, Utah

If you didn't know better, you would almost swear they were hungover! - MTC - Provo, Utah

Impression of what he looked like when he had his wisdom teeth out - MTC - Provo, Utah
Hangin' with the Elder Homies - MTC - Provo, Utah

Elder Adam Paul and Elder Jace Davis - MTC - Provo, Utah
Elder Ken Matheson and Elder Adam Paul - MTC - Provo, Utah


Hello Everyone,Merry Christmas! So how is everyone doing? Thank you so much for the pictures and the present? How did you drop it off? Ok I can't hold it in any longer, guess What! I am leaving this Monday! I am way excited! SO i will not be calling on Christmas, but I will be calling on Monday, so everyone please be ready to talk if you can! It will either be after 8 in the mornign or between 2 and 8 in the afternoon. So what is everyone doing this Christmas? Did you have Clam Chowder! I miss that!

So lets see the biggest thing that happened this week was I was able to get two investegators in the RC chatting with them. One was Donna she is very interested, but I have to pass her on to someone else :( The other ones name is Stephanie! She is so awesome. She is 21 and has a little boy, but is not married. She got on and said she felt angree with God and didn't know what to do! That day I talked to her for 2 and a half hours about God's love for us. Well I have talked to her a few more times. .She is now talking with the missionaries, and Went to church. SHe told me that she is very excited to be baptised. It realy feels awesome to be able to share this awesome message!

Ok so feel free to write me back soon, but you should start sending them to Mexico soon! I am very excited to go. You can all start emailing me as well, I have been told that will be my main source of communication!

So I hope all of you will always remeber the true meaning of Christmas. I have realized how awesome Christmas is and why. You see there is lots of snow here, they have decorated with lights, and we have had alot of Christmas music, but it does not feel like Christmas. I think that it is because there is no family. I think that Christmas means what it does for us (LDS Members) because we know the importants of families. I can't wait to help others feel this same way during Christmas! It is awesome!

I love you all so very much! THank you for the DearElder IT was awesome! I love you all very much, and will be writing again on Saturday!

I love you,
Elder Adam Paul

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  1. May God be with the two young missionaries who died in Romania this past week. Elder McKay Chow Burrows and Elder Jace Davis. Our hearts and prayers are with their families. God bless our missionaries.