Friday, June 26, 2009

June 22, 2009


"Leaving the water after baptism. Isn't she a cute old lady?"
"All ready for a baptism in a lake!"

"The whole ward at the lake waiting for the baptism. Oh, by the way, the baptism suit I am wearing is a medium. Can you believe that? A little short, but WOW!"

"Baptism last week. We baptized this lady in another ward to help the missionaries out."

"My Plan of Salvation. I made this all by myself! Thanks, Jen, for the colored pencils and paper."

"We found an investigator's house that needed to be painted the other day."

"Waxed leg. Don't ask. We'll just say it was an interesting lesson."

June 22, 2009

Ok wow! This last week has been one of the most emotianal, one of the toughest, and one of the greatest weeks of my whole mission! I have definatly been using the scripture alot that says "Despute not because we see not. For we recieve no witness until after the trial of our faith" Eter 12;6

Well we were very excited to be having 14 baptisms this last Saturday. 12 of the baptisms were from one family. This family is abousluluty awesome. They are learning so much. Even the little kids. We have been visiting them for about a week and a half and the kids have started teaching the parents. The parents started to cry when they saw how much the kids have learned. Apart from this I am also teaching the kids how to read music, and how to lead. They are loving it. And they are teaching me soccer!

Well on Thursday we came over to their house. All the kids were crying, as well as the older kids, and the parents. They told us what happened the night before after we left. The mom of the mom saw us leave and asked one of the kids. The kids told her they were all ready to be baptised. Well the Grandma came over and started hitting the mom with a mop. She has some pretty bad bruises! Well then she called the Father of the Catholic church and he came over. He asked the kids what was up. THey taught him the plan of Salvation, and that they wanted to go to the celestial kingdom, so they are going to be baptised.

Well the father was not pleased at all with this. I think maybe he was jelous that these kids knew more than him. Well he condemned the family to HELL!! Ok, so I know we need to have the love of christ for everyone. But I am mad, if I see him I cant say I could control my anger. This man who says he is a servent of Christ, said that he can condem someone to hell. Jesus Christ himself didnt ever condemn someone, so how can this so called Man do this.

Well the family was hurt pretty bad. They told us that they needed some time. But that we could keep visiting them. This is one of those times that I just dont understand why this happened, but I know that I need to put all my faith in God, and keep moving forward. BUt that hurt pretty bad, to see everyone crying!

Well then we had another man who is a recovering alcholic. He has been a drunk for about 6 months. But he had 2 weeks with no alchol. Well, on Wed. Night we were not able to visit him. He was realy sad and drank. And after he tried to blow up the neiborhood. Well he is in prison now. I am realy hoping he gets a glance at what is important, and can start again with his recovery.

Well that is the realy hard part of the week. And now for the high parts of the week.

ON Friday at 6 in the morning we all headed to Leòn to listen to Elder Bednar talk. He was amazing. I realy expected that he would give a talk to us about how to be better, and to work harder, and ya I dont know. But , thats not even close to what he did. He had microphones set up around the building. He got there and said, ok you have read some of my talks. Please tell me what you thought about them. As we commented he added his comments. Then he said, ok ask me any question you want. We had about 4 hours with him, and I have to say it felt like 5 minutes.

Here is a story I realy like that he told. He said there was a missionary who returned to his house. At 21 he was married to the love of his life in the temple. At 22 years old he was diagnosed with a very servere cancer. He was told he would die in a few weeks. His mom called Elder Bednar, and he came to visit the young man in the hospital. The young man asked Elder Bednar to give him a blessing. Elder Bednar then said something that he said he had never ever thought or heard before. He said," Young man do you have the faith not to be healed" The question is very different from the usual. But I liked it because we need to have faith, to let God´s will be done. Well thats all of the story im going to tell.

But here is what it has to do with the mission work. He said alot of missionaries have faith that if they work they will have success of baptise. Well he said we need to have the faith to work as hard as we can weather we have the success of baptisms or not. THat realy helped me alot this week with the 13 baptisms that fell through.

Ok, and now the last story. So we did have one baptism this week. She was a laddy who was in the Chrisitan church. She went and listened to Elder Bednar in the night and said she knows he is a man of god, and she is ready to be baptsised. Well you see our church is realy nice, but they have not used the font in about 2 years. SO when we tried to fill it up, no water came out :(

Well the members were so excited to be baptising someone new in their ward that they all hoped in cars, and we drove up to the lake. It was awesome. She asked me to baptise her, and it was amazing. The water was suppose to be cold, but it wasnt at all. Also the whole day the wind was blowing like mad. But for those 10 minutes that we were at the lake, there was hardly any wind! I will try to send some pics of it!

O hey mom. You said you are going to send those pants for the baptisms. Thank you I need them very much. Is there any way you can send my green suit as well. I need one smaller. Im getting to the point, that well, my pants dont like to stay up, even with my belt.. Lol! ANd if you send them by Wed. I should get them next time pres comes up to visit our zone!

Thank you so much, I love you all and you are always in my prayers,

Elder Paul

Hey mom. It is adam. Hey can you try to send that stuff as soon as you can. We have some baptisms coming up soon. And my overall to baptise in ripped realy bad. SO I realy need those white pants. Sorry I ask for so many things, but I love you! and thank you for your support!

I love you,

Elder Paul

June 15, 2009

Hey everyone,

Wow it sounds like it has been a realy tough week. I can´t believe all that has happened. I was so sad to hear about everything, but am very glad all my family is in good health. Mom you talked about how awesome Mormon funerals are but how it still is hard. Kinda reminded me of a line in a movie. It was when Jesus had heard that laserath had died. He new that lasereth would rise again, that he would be ok, but, when the sister told jesus, they all wept together. I like that because like Eric said we know that we will live again, but it is still hard to lose someone we love.

Well this week has been another week full of very hard work. But I think that we are going to start seeing some great results. We broke the record for new Investegators found in one week. We found 30! Oh, man the missionaries need your help there in the valley for teaching lessons. Mom said they teach about 7 a week. Pres. Cox just told us if we are not getting at least 50 lessons a week we are not doing enough! So please help those missionaries there. We had one baptism yesterday. THe lady was a Jehovah´s witness. SO it was awesome because they are always realy hard to talk to. And we are looking forward to a baptism of 11 persons this saturday. That will be exciting, so please pray for them.

So I heard one of the crasiest things I have ever heard in my life the other day. So we have been teaching a lady here and she has been preparing for her baptism. We taught her about the temples, and unlike everyone else she told us we can never come back again. After a bit of prodding she let us know that she had heard we had temples with alters in them. And she knows our secret. That we sacrafice little kids on these alters!!!! Wow it was amazing what some people believe and say about our church!!

Man, so I got realy sick this last tuesday. And you will all laugh at why. So I was brushing my teeth in the morning, and I dont know what I was thinking but I rinsed off my brush with the sink water. Well ya about 4 hours latter I was throwing up pretty good, and ya It wasnt fun!!

Well I hope everyone is well! I love you all very much. Thank you mom for saying you will send those pantss, I need them REALY bad!!

Love you all,

Elder Paul

June 8, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well this letter may be a little short, I am realy realy worn out! Lol my companion and are working our buns off! Litteraly! But, Ill talk aobut that in a little bit.

So first off I think I told your about the 358 baptisms in the Month of may. So we got to look at our numbers over the last year and last year we had 74 baptisms in May! Isnt that crazy how much things can change in just one year!!!

Well lets see oh ok I have had the chance of a lifetime this last week. There is a man who lives in our ward his name is Doc. Adàn. He is one of 25 people in the world who knows how to read and write in old hebrew, as well as egyptian, and mayan, aztecia. And all those other languages. Well he gives lessons to people free on how to read and write in hebrew. So poeple learn to read the torrah. Well the cool part is after pèople can read and write in old hebrew, they can understand all the ancient languages here in the americas. Well last night was the last night of the 4 month classes, so we missionaries were invited. Well his last lesson is on all the signs of christ in america. All the ancient writings here in the americas are in ancient hebrew and talk about christ who came and visited here. He then tells everyone aside from these ancient texts, there is only one other book that talks about this visit of christ. The book of Mormon. He explains much hebrew in this book, and gives one to every student, and encourages them to pray about it. Afterwards we past to the front and they all can ask us questions.

Well by the end of the night we had 4 people who want to be baptised about directions of the rest for missionaries to visit them. It was amazing what this man is doing for free for the poeple and for the mission work. He has about 40 years studying all these things and is very very smart. Well he also is kinda wealthy. He told me when I return home, he would like to organize a week long seminar with all the people who would be interested in our town and in las Vegas!!! He said he will pay for everything, just needs good dinners! I was thinking maybe me and Dad could organize that for him to come down. It realy is amazing. I talked to him for about 2 hours, and can already understand parts of the torrah!

Well besides that the area is already starting to improve. We have not only been knocking LOTS of doors, but also visiting the less active members. So this last sunday we had 99 people in the church. This is much better than the 57 the week before. As well as 6 investagators. So it is always great to see the work start to be rewarded!!

Please keep me in your prayers, and always rember you are all always in mine!


Elder Paul

Hey just so you know, my address is always the same. THe address you have is to the mission house, and they give us our packages and letters! So you never have to worry about getting new ones. Also I did get your package, thank you very much. But, I do realy realy need my white pants for baptising!! So I dont know maybe if you were thinking about sending a birthday package you can send it early??? And if you want through american foods and candys in :) Im sorry to always ask so much, but i realy need those pants if you can!

I love you,

Elder Paul

Hey sister.I cant believe you are going to be a big senor. I heard ben embarressed you pretty good the other day! lol that is great! Hey can I ask you a favor sis. Can you go on my myspace, and update everything. Tell everyone were Im at, my adress, my email, and put in pictures of my mission that you guys have! tHAT would be great Emi Poop. my user name is. and my password is umm... i think it is 1jenshot (dont laugh its from like 9th grade)!!

Love you sis. How are things going at home? how are you and heidi getting along? HOw are the parents. Please fill me in on everything!!! Oh and always remeber. Elder Paul es tu rey! El es el rey del mundo. Tu vas hacer todo posible para tener la felicidad de tu rey. Y yo estoy seguro que tu quieres saber que estoy deciendo!! jaja

Lol you can ask dad what that says. Also do you all read my emails or just mom? O and how do you like the pics! Ive lost 70 pounds baby, and am looking sexy!

Love ya,

Elder Paul

June 1, 2009

Our washing machine.

Kitchen stuff
"I sewed this Teddy bear's clothes by hand! It's to get the members to help us."

Good old Elder Roblado and me.

"I decided I wanted to teach myself to draw, so here's the finished product."

"My weight loss program. 70 pounds!"

Being very sick! Found a lot of old clothes.


Just chillin'.

June 1, 2009

Well hey its emailing time again!

Mom first off Wow am I proud of you! THat is so awesome with all the stuff you were able to do. Man I always new you were a ground braker! The first ever in the history of the college wow! Thanks also for the pictures they were great! It looks like the two smartest of the family graduated at the same time (you and ben)

Talking of ben, how did the grad go? Make sure to send me some pics huh!? Man It is still blowing my mind to think that that kid is graduating! Kinda want to rewind time sometimes, but just keep moving forward i gues!

Well the work here. I will start out with the good news. So the record for the mission Mexico león before was like 230 something baptisms. And a year ago the record was 30 baptisms in a month. Well for the Month of May 2009 we finished with 358 baptisms!! So elder Bednar will be coming to visit the mission on June 19! We will all take a bus early in the morning to León and have about 5 hours with him! It is pretty exciting to see the work progress. As well as we are THE NUMBER ONE MISSION!!! YAY!!

So the work for me now! Wow is it tough! I left my other area with alot of people ready to be baptised. ALl though I do have permission to return to baptise one it looks like I wont be able to see most of them baptised. Well the tough part is coming to this area. It is rite by my old area and they have not had one baptism in about a year! Well I got here and asked my comp what they do and who we have to teach. He let me know there had not been any new inv. for aobut 3 months, and they like to watch movies with the sisters! Well I was pretty shocked. But we have been working like CRAZY this past week and have about 10 inv. rite now. And one should be getting baptised next week. SO hopefully with some good ol hard work we will get everything headed in the rite direction in this area.

Ok well lets see what else this week. Oh so I got to learn a new word this week that I think is pretty funny. So to say "wife" in spanish is "esposa". Well to say "handcuffs" in spanish is "esposa" as well! I thought that was funny. I didnt belive it at first, so I asked a cop here, and he said it as well. Handcuffs are wives!!

Well I love you all,

Elder Paul

May 25, 2009

Hey everyone,

So this will probably be pretty short, because I am busy packing up. I just found out I am going to be changing areas. It is pretty exciting, but I am pretty nervous. So as you know my last few companions have not liked to work much. Well I have helped them see the vision again, and we have been working like crazy. Well my zone leader called me and told me they want to see what I can do and are going to change me the other zone, with a guy who has not baptised in about 6 months, and is going to die (go home) soon. So I am excited to see what we can do. Oh, I dont know if I told you. My companion rite now, he has had 6 baptisms his whole mission and has about a year and a half here, well him and I baptised 5 people this month! So that was pretty cool.

Now for the coolest part of my letter. We have been working hard to hit 300 baptisms and.....:: WE DID IT! It is awesome we have 304 rite now, and still have one more week, wich means Elder Bednar will be coming down to visit us next month. I am jumping for joy.

Ok, well lets see Oh I got very very very sick this week. Wednseday night after a baptism I got the double dragon. (That is when it is coming out both ends at the same time) It was not fun. I was pretty much bed riden for about 4 days, and got a temp of about 104. Well, I was feeling better yesterday, so I decided to way myself. Now rember that when I started my mission I weighed in at 310 pounds. I am now at 245 pounds!!! It is nuts I have lost 65 pounds officialy. It is crazy, but it realy does feel good. I am going to send a few pictures today.

Well I love you all, and please write back. It is always way harder to write these letters when you have not written me!

I love you,

Elder Paul

May 18, 2009


"This home is Mormon. We accept any Protestant Propaganda, come in and we will teach you the truth." Or something to that effect.

Wearing them out in service to the Lord.

Crushing up stuff for dinner.

"Look, Ma. I can tie my own tie."
Beautiful family.

Joyous baptism day.

Wonderful day.

My companion, me and a wonderful new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Not exactly sure what Hanna Montana has to do with anything, but Elder Paul sent it, so I posted it.

May 18, 2009

Hey,It is me again!

Well I am doing great! First off Mom I want you to know how proud of you I am! Not only graduating with a 3.9 from College but the premere speaker as well! (Sorry for my spelling , I know it is worse than it was when I was still speaking english!) Man so i just realized ben has his graduation in just like 2 weeks. It blew my mind. I remeber being out on the trampoline with him playing ninja or things like that. It just is crazy to think that we are growing up :(!

Ok, well I wrote down a few things this week so that I could try and write some storries! Well first off I got another marriage offer from a 15 year old pregnant girl. After telling her that it was not possible, she started to cry! I felt realy bad, but now she always calls me beautiful eyes. It is realy weird, but I think we are going to baptise her and her mom soon!

Now for my most apostacy moment of the week. It is pretty crazy the things people start to believe when they dont have the truth. Well the greatest this week was a picture. It had a picture of Jesus on the cross (smiling) with the virgin marry standing over him, holding his arms? Don`t ask me were they get this stuff!!

Ok and now for the most imbarrising momnet of the week. Well I dont know if you all know this but I like to zone out alot. Well I was talking to one of our converts about her sister, but wasnt realy paying attention to what I was saying to here because I was listening to my companion talking to someone else. Well I wanted to say "Your sister is always very happy" but as I was saying it my companion started talking about a show here that is called ugly girl. And so not paying attention i said " YOur sister is always very ugly!" Ya I dont think she was expecting it because everyone spit there drinks out! OOPS!!

Ok and now for my other storry of the week. So we were at church yesterday, and two of my old investagators were there. I have not seen them for about 2 months so I was realy surprised. Well he told me that he is going to be moving to Canada this Thursday. After he told me, noone has touched his life like me, and he would like me to baptise him and his wife this Wednesday! It was realy exciting, It is amazin how powerful the spirit can work!

Ok, lol I have three requests mom for my package. ONe is a cheap watch. My third one has broken now, and I cant wear my other one because it is too big :( And the other one is athletes foot spray! And my last request,..... PLEASE send it!! lol I realy miss packages lol! But thank you and I love you!

AS well as I think there is a problem with my bank account. I told you that there was only 300 pesos in it (About 20 dollars) and you said you put in 60. Well I checked it the other day and it said I have -130 pesos??

Ok well I have to go soon, but I would realy like a letter from everyone! Especially you BEN!!! O and by the way bro, when you buy shoes for your mission dont buy from wolverine because, mine have fallen apart, and I have had to have the whole soul sown back on!

Well I love you all!

Elder Paul

May 4, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well how is everyone doing? I am doing pretty dang good. Well lets see I am not going to have much time to write this today I am sorry. THe problem is that I am living with Elder Gray again. I dont know if you remeber him, but he was my comp in the MTC. He is way awesome, definatly I am giong to hang out with him alot after my mission. ANd he is doing a very good job of making me go to BYU for a year but who knows. Ok well, my companion is Elder Bolio. He is a little difficult because he is NEVER happy, and is a very good follower. But it is realy bad if there is a bad example for him to follow. Well Elder Gray and his companion live with us in our house now, and his companion is dying pretty quick. HE likes to get on MSN here and chat with people, and so my companion started to get on chats too. Well Elder Gray and I have both talked to them but they wont stop, so these next few times we are going to cut back our emailing time.

Please dont think that you shouldn`t write me tons, because I love reading, just I may not be able to write letters as big these next few times. OH by the way Emily, elder Gray said he never got a letter back to him :) !

Well things are going good here, exept that everyone is dying :( lol Someone said the tole here in San Louis is now like 100 or more deaths. And everyone in the streets have masks! EVERYONE!ª! They have also closed down all the schools, and churches! So it has been pretty hard for us. Well we finally decided maybe we should start wearing masks, but.... THERE ARE NONE!! The hospitals dont even have any! How crazy is that! But, hopefully the whole everyone is getting sick thing is just over dramatic!

Thank you mom, it is so good to hear from everyone! Please give Ken Matheson my email! I would realy love to talk to him, he is like my little bro. ANd wish Brady good luck in scottland!

I love you all very much,

Elder Paul

P.S. Mom have you had the chance to send that package?

Hey everyone, so I am going to be calling this sunday! I just dont know what time, and I am actually going to need you to call me! I will go talk and see were and when latter and will email you the number and what time hopefully tonight! I have a little longer to takl to time on the phone, so if josh or robert, or any of my friends are around they can come say hi too! But ya so crazy I will be calling in 6 days!

Love you all,

Elder Paul

Hey everyone its me! Hey well The sister here said I could use her phone here in her house. You will need to get a calling card and call me at 5 o clock my time. I think there is a time difference of two hours, and you guys are two hours behind. So like 3 o clock your time. I think that is correct but you can check on the internet.

Here is the number 014448150433I realy dont know how to call this number from the united states so I hope mom knows. If you are realy having troubles I think you can call the Pres. Office and ask them.

So just so you remeber that number you call me at 5 o clock, or 3 o clock your time.

Love you all cant wait to hear from you!

Elder Paul

April 27, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Well I can´t belive how fast the weeks are flying by! It is nuts, it feels like every day it is time to write again. Ok so we are going to be starting a MAY of sacrifices but we are not going to be doing as much of sacraficing our Pdays. We have alot of fasts and working through other days planned out! We are realy going to try as hard as we can to get Elder Bednar here this month with 300 baptisms!!

We only have rite now one major problem in the trying to baptise and getting people to church. There is a bit of a epademic here. With Pig Fevor. There have been about 70 deaths here in San Louis Potosi. So the goverment has shut everything down. THe churches have been cancled for two weeks, schools, anything public. They are telling everyone to stay in there house. Of course the mission work can´t stop so we are still knocking like crazy (Dont worry we have to were some pretty heavy duty masks) But it is tought because no one wants to open there doors rite now.

So as well I have our pic of the family, and everyone here wants to see it. Well they sure do love our family here, and Eric has had about 50 wedding purposals, so let him know if things dont work out with Lacy that he has alot of mexicanas here!

So I can only realy thing of one storry this week. We were teaching a man called Benjamin. So we started teaching him. He loves reading and has red the bible like 3 times as well as everyother book about any church. Well after a little bit he started to teach us. He let us know that Sins are a invention of men. There is no such thing as a sin. He let us know that if he wanted to kill a man, god would understand because we are only game peices here on earth. He also let us know that pornography is just fine, because our body`s are beautiful and we need to see them in there true form how god created them. He then told his daughter to take off her clothes! We let him know that she could not do that with us there, and that we needed to go! So ya it was a experience, and something tells me he just not is quite ready to be baptised yet! :)

Well I love you all and love to hear all is oging well. SOrry these are all short without many stories, but I dont have much time, and well just everyone know that I love them and that you are aloways in my prayers!

I love you all,

Elder Paul

April 20, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Well it is another dia de preparación. Well I have a new companion. He is way way different! He is very very serious! And does not like to talk at all. He is Mayor because he has 20 months, but told me he doesn´t like to lead. So it actually has been awesome! Because I have to talk constantly, because he only pipes in every now and then with a scripture. I also have to make all the calls and all the plans for the day. It has helped my spanish a ton! I feel completly fine talking on the phone now with anyone. Don´t get me wrong, Ihave alot alot of work still to go with my spanish, and I am sure at times people have no idea what I am saying, but I dont mind and everone is way nice about helping the gringo.

Well today we were ablee to wear our old clothes like normal cloths. I have not worn them for about 3 months, and oh, boy are they huge on me. Ihave to siinch my pants up way tite to keep them from falling off, and I don´t know if you remeber how tite all my shirts were before, but ya, they are not anymore. So I figured I would weigh myself at the bshops house, and found that I weigh about 250 pounds rite now. Quite a bit less then my 312 pounds when I entered the mission :)! and talkng about losing weight, one of the sisters of the ward fed us some bad pork. Well my companion and I were very sick all night. And At one point I was in the bathroom, and he was pounding on the door to use the bathroom..... and you see there was no way I could get up, because the train was already leaving the station, so ya..... he got creative with a bucket. Lol we are all better now, just thought everyone would love to hear stories of Mexico!

Talking of stories, I want to teell you about trasportation here in Mexico. THere are lots of buses for people but, if a family is fairly welthy they can by transportation for themselves. For a family of three, A bicycle is perfect. (I actually saw a family of five the other day on one) for a family of 4-5 a moto is about rite. And if the family is very very rich they can by a car, but it is more for about 8 to 10 people! How crazy is that when a family in america with only two cars is weird!

Mom I am so so proud of you! You are going to be speaking at your own graduation! That is awesome! I have been praying alot for your writing lattly, so it is awesome to hear your book is coming along!

Padre, yo voy a tener usted en mis oracciones. Lo siento, mi español no es moy bien, y yo nunca tengo el opurtunidad para escribir en español! Nesacita dicer mi si su serogia is bein, porque yo penso que un dia yo nesacito tener una! Madre dijo que hay dinero en mi banko pero you no puedo checkar ultra vez! Puede llamar el banco de America, y les pregunta de esta? Padre Te amo mucho, y no puedo esperar para la dia que yo puedo hablar todo con usted en español!


Hey that is awesome man with peperdine! You definatly have the brains, to bad I got all the good looks! Every single truth is heree in our chuch! I have almost finished all the bible, and ya, everything fits perfect. But most important you need to PRAY!! Theree is no other way to actually know. Heree in the mission, we kknow someone cant get baptised if they dont pray, because they just cant have the testamony without it!!


I don{t know how I feel about the whole boy frned thing! But, ya I do my 50 pushups and situps every day, so if I dont agree I will just have to destroy him when I get back! Mom said you have been reading your scriptures! How awsome do you feel! Isn{t it amazing the difference in your life. Make sure to encourage this boy of yours to go on a mission! And, ya still have not got a letter from ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey how are you doing. Man I was pretty upset about the Fair thing. I dont have any tolerance for that kind of crap. Make sure whenever something like that happens you let someone know! Especially Ben. He is a good brother and He will take care of you! How are things gong with your friends? Are you reading the scripturees?

Well I love everyone, and can´t believe I will be calling in like 3 weeks! I love all of you very much,


Elder Adam Paul

April 13, 2009

Hola familia!

Well Mexico is great! Can you believe it, we celabrated my 6 months this past Wed. Wow is that crazy or what I have 6 months already, and it seems like the days just keep speeding up!

Well lets see what I can remeber of this week. Well I will start with the bad. ONe of the older guys in our ward had to go to the hospital. He asked us to visit him so we did. Well I wont explain all about it, but just be very greatful for what we have in the United States. Because here there are beds on the floor, flies in the food, and ya! Just please be greatful!

Now for the awesome storry. Last Sat. We started to talk to a man, who had many many problems. He is a tatoo artist, a drug adict, smokes, drinks, and was struggling. We started to teach him, and his change has been incredible. He has stopped doing tatoos and only draws out designs for clothing now! He also has stopped with all drugs, we went with him and burried his ciggaretts, as well as his alcohl. His hardest problem was cigarttes. but we wipped up our tabaco cucoxion and he too does not like to smoke any more. (I dont know if i told you about the cigarette fix we have learned. You take one ciggarte and make a tea with it, using boiling water. After the person drinks it. There is also another way, it is to make a shake out of the ciggarte. When they do this they get a bad taste in the mouth from pure ciggartte, and then after you have them smoke one ciggarte. They usually throw up, and ya, usually they dont want any more!) Pretty cool huh! Well this guy was in church yesterday, all dressed up nice, got a hair cut, took out all his pearcings, and has read about 1/4 of the book of mormon this week! It realy is amazing how prepared some people are!

Well other than that, I am going to be recieveing a new companion this week. I am a little bit nervous because he has 20 months and everyone says he has given up. But ya I am excited for the chance to whip him in shape, and brake my old record of baptisms with him! :) But, ya, that means that I may not have quite as long to email, as well as I think we are going to do May of sacrafices as well!

Well to finish, I guess I will tell a little joke. We started talking to a Testigo (A jehovas witness) about a few things, and he brought up polygamy and how bad it is. We explained a little bit about Abrahm, jacob, and other prophets of the bible with more than one wife. He was a bit stumped, and then my companion (loving jokes) said everything in this world is polygamy. look at your hand! You have 1 hand with 5 fingers!!! Ha I found it pretty funny!

Well I love you all! Mom have you been able to send the package, or money to sned my package or any of that? I didnt get to hear from you, but I think it is fair time, so that is understandable! But love to hear from you all!Oh... it was sad, they dont realy have easter here:(


Elder Pablo!
(My new name here!)

April 6, 2009

Hey everyone!

Man emily and ben went on a cruise? Why didn´t you tell me? That is sweet! Heidi, your hair looks very cute! Thanks for the pics!

Mom did you make they grade for the graduation thing? I have my fingurs crossed!

So I have bad news, I chipped one of my teeth. Just a teeny tiny bit, and I sure hope after my mission I can get it fixed. I don´t know if i told you about this already but we were eating cake with a family, and I didn´t realize it is a tradition to bake little toys into the cake. Well ya, I had quite a surprise, when I hit it! But, it is pretty small!

Oh, I alshad the oppurtunity to make salsa! It was way fun. THey use like a stone crushing bason. But man is the salsa here way spicy. The hermana let me make a mild salsa, with only one habanero, and two jalapenos, with three small tomatos mixed in! Lol, but I am getting used to it pretty well, and can eat it without dying!

Other than that we had conference this weekend. It was so weird not being home in the living room watching it with everyone! But they had it broadcasted into the steak center. The pres. Also had us hook up one tv in one room in english, for ALL the gringos! There are only 4 of us in all my zone who can speak english! lol!

But, I loved conference. It was so weird because I realized I learned things so much... differently. Before being here I always thought of how the things they said could help me. Now I noticed with everything i was thinking of how that thing could help one of your investagators. It was realy cool.

Other than that, I have a package I would like to send home. It has some books in english i wo0uld like to have after my mission, some mexican candy, some other gifts from mexico, and just stuff i would like to have when i get back, but dont have room to pack it around here. Well i found a member who works for fedex. the cheapest they can ship it is about 800 pasos. I have that much, but we are suppose to keep 500 pasos with us always in our house. Is there any way you can send like 40 dolars to send the package next week? Just let me know?

Well I love you all very much. You are all aways in my prayers!


Elder Paul

March 30, 2009

Well hello Everyone,

Man so our March of Maddness is over. It is crazy, how very tired everyone is. It was realy hard last night, to look at all our goals, and see that we have not met them. My elder and I wanted 14 batisms this month. We worked as hard and harder than I have ever worked non stop. but only ended up with about half of that. As well as our mission didn´t meet our goal of 300 baptisms this month. Well we were a bit down, when our zone leaders talked to us. But, then they let us no some reserch they have done. Our area has never had many baptisms and we have broken the record for baptisms in the history of this area for the last 2 months. As well as the record for baptisms in our mission is 148 in one month. Well as of yesterday we have 250 baptisms for the month of March. And, our little ward, our bishop told us has a constant of about 40 members attending church. Well.... for the past three weeks we have had over 85 people in attendence, the stake pres is even talking of a new church for us! So I guess we realy can see that hard work pays off!

Mom, no worries with the package, just when ever you get a chance is fine. But if you could get some allergy medacine and face wash to send with it, i realy need them bad, and can´t find them anywere here!

Well lets see, with my week. O so I had told you that here they worship the virgin Marry (Mother of Jesus) more than anyone else, well we asked a few people about the virgin, and you would not believe the storries we have gotten. From Marry of Rome, To Marry not liking the jews, and so she went to live in Mexico, and that is why she has brown skin, to mary, being the wife of god, to marry being a GOD!! Man it was prettty crazy. And in one house, we saw a crusifix, which was not weird because there is one in every house, with Christ on the cross. But, with this one in this house, Christ had a huge grin? I found it a bit different, I have never heard of christ being happy on the cross??

O so I had an opurtunity to eat another thing i have never eaten. ONe of our converts decided to make us sea food, My comapanion told her about my allergic reaction to fish, so she made shrimp and squid. I have never had squid before, and just so you know, it tastes like fish and crab mixed into a rubber band.

Ok, lets see, oh we had 3 baptisms yesterday. I sure love baptisms. But man I need my temple pants because the jumpers that I have to use, are pretty small!! ha, we one of the laddies we baptised has a neese who is 13 and has a baby of 7 months!!! She is 13 YEARS OLD!! Man it is nuts. She is not married, but works a full time job and takes care of the baby.

Well I think that is just about alol I have for this week, I love you all very much! If you get a chance please ask eric to sit down and write realy quick!

I love you all

Elder Paul

Hey dad!

How is it going! Man sounds like you are staying very busy! So have you been able to put away any money for maybe a trip? I realy would love to show you everything, and to go down memory lain with you as well! Man my spanish, at times is good, and at times, man I feel lost still! Well, sorry this is realy short, just wanted to tell you how much I love you, and how thankful I am to you for your example in my life! Oh, wih mom, can she not yet apply for Music teacher? She would realy be the pperfect replacment for Mrs. D! Man

Well I love you,

Elder Paul

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I love you very much!!

March 23, 2009

Hello Family of mine!

It is me Elder Paul. Nuestro zone leaders told us that if we wanted to email we could wake up at 4 to get everything done. SO that is what we did. We have been working like crazy this month. And, finally have been able to see the results of our work. In our small ward we have a usuall attendence of about 45 people. Yesterday we had 90 people in church!! It was amazing. SOme of the members even cryed! We are so excited to be seeing things coming along. And are hoping for 7 baptisms on Saturday. SO keep them all in your prayers please.

It is realy hard to think of things to write about the week, because all these last 4 weeks have been a blur! But here is a little comedy for you. My Comapanion asked me the other day what kind of çgirl i want to marry. I explained a little bit, the things i want my wife to be like. THen asked him what he wanted. He said," like nephi I want a virgin more fare than total!" I let him know that nephi never said that and then he proved me wrong. He had me read (if you can grab a book of mormon realy quick so you can read along) 1 Nefi 11;10 and then read in that same chapter verse 15. I thought it was pretty great. SO as you can see he has a humor like i do!I know scarry!

Ya mom, if you could send those inserts and a journal that would be great! My shoes are getting to looking pretty sad, so I can´t wait to see what they look like in a year and a half. Also if you could send some allergy meds that would be great. THey don´t have any here, all they have are shots they sail on the street S:! So That would be awesome, just the store brand of zertec. and if you could some bite size candy bars. The kids here are crazy about them, but they dont realy have it here!

Ok, so I did have an expericence this week unlike any other. We were eating in the house of one of the members, and the meat she served was delicous. It looked like chicken, but had a gamey taste to it. When she finished she asked if we liked it and I told her it tasted amazing and asked what it was. She let me know that it was RAT!! Ya, Rat!! Crazy, but she said that her husband got it in the moutains, so it is safe! Ya so I guess that is my big experience for the week!

Well I love you all, and you are all always in my prayers. How is Eric doing. I had a crazy cool dream the other day.

I love you all,

Elder paul

P.S. Emily and Ben, I would love to hear from you.

March 16, 2009


Oh, happy day!
Can you find Elder Paul? (Hint: Back Row, last one on right.)

"Ain't I a sweet thing?"

Baptism Day. Elder Paul - new member - Companion

Just not sure about this one.

"All for me!"
Cookin' for the Elders

Elder Paul and a friend. See any resemblance?

I wish he would stop sending blister pictures home! Yuck!!

Just hangin' around.

March 16, 2009

Well we almost didn{t have time to email today, but we ended up giving up doing our dark clothes to come because, most likely we will not have time next week. I was way excited, until I saw that i did´t have hardly any emails. So this will probly be short.

Heidi that is awesome with going to playoffs! Keep up the good work girl!

Well lets see this week I found out that I am very allergic to one kind of fish! It was pretty crazy. But a double dose of benadryl cleared everything up.

We also found lots of oppurtunities for service this week including painting a house. Well the reason I probly wont have time to email next week is becasue I am a witness at a marriage of one of our investagators. She had a boyfriend living with her, and when we told her to be baptised she had to get married, she set everything up for it.

Well I do get letters if anyone wants to. THey are nice to get. Grandpa and Grandma write me every about two weeks, and I have gotten letters from Dallas and Jaycie, and DearElders as well.

Well I am gonig to end with a quote that I read this week by Elder Bednar:

"When we choose to do wrong we have forgotten who we realy are, a child of god! When you come to understand this you will not violate the law of chastity or any other commandment."

I love you all, and Please still write an email for next week, incase we do get a chance to email,


Elder Paul

March 9, 2009

Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing? I am doing pretty good. I got to baptise a man yesterday, and that is always such a very great experience, but, we had 6 baptisms cancell yesterday, because the preacher of the church found out that his members were going to be bauptised, I don{t know what he told them, but.... ya it is way way sad!

Well we have been working like crazy this last week, and are going to be keeping it up all this month with no realy brakes, I love it! It is so fun to get lost in the work, and boy oh boy am I still losing weight. I don{t know if you can tell in the photos, but I realy am skinnier, I have added three new holes to my belt now, and from the time I entered the MTC I have gone down 6 holes on my belt, and have to now fold my pants over.

I have two quotes I read this week that I thought were pretty great. Both of them are from Pres. Monson. The first one is about when we want to try to accomplish something. He said "Pray as though everything depended on God, and then Work as though everything depended on you!" The other was about food storage, he says " We want all our members to have a year supply of food, and be debt free, but we have seen alot of members have taken this councill in reverse and have a years supply of debt, and are food-free!"

Well in this little bit of time It is hard to write much, but I promise I will write a realy long email in April, and Will call in MAY!!

Oh my companion said to tell you that I am the first of his companions from the United States who has gone two months without any packages from home :( Lol He just wanted to let everyone know, and by the way I do get letters too. I have gotten grandma and grandpas and Dallas and Jaycies, as well as DearElders! The pouch mail is pretty good here tombien.

Well Thanks for all the letters, Heidi is still the best with writing me, and Ben didnt again :,( and Emily, I don{t think the one line counts as an email! And since you are still the only one who has not given me a full email about what is going on, I have a song dedicated for you!!

Please everyone listen to emilys song, and all the words. And emily, hopefully you email me this week!

Heidi and Family, You need to read the Lessons we teach in Preach My gospel. They are all in Chapter three, all of your answeres to your questions Heidi are there!

I love you all very much,

Elder Paul

March 2, 2009

Hello Again,

Well things here in mexico are great. It has been a crazy week though. SO far in our mission we have 50 baptims this month and it is the 2nd, of the month. SO we have decided as a mission that this Month is going to be March of Sacrifices. The first thing to go is most of our pdays this month. instead of having the usually 6 hours for pday, All this month we will have 2 and a half. SO I am sorry that my letters are all going to be fairly short.

The reason we are doing this is because as a mission, with our 50 companionships we want to have 300 Baptisms this month. We have been promised by Elder Bednar, that if we can acheive 300 baptisms, he will personaly come to our mission to visit us. We fasted all day yesterday for our baptisms this month. IF you could pray for us and our investagators as a Family that would be great!

Holy Cow Ben, Peperdine, that is nuts! I´m way proud to hear that you are doing so well. Buddy, I love you , and would realy love to get an email from you next week, letting me know whats going on, and if you did what I asked you to.

Mom, do you still have the insoles for shoes you bought for me, before my mission, if so could you send them when you can. Mine are ripped to shreds, and the wood underneath is starting to give me more blisters. Also, a journal, I am almost done with this one, and I finished my other one, so ya, if you could.....

Well I have tons of storries but until next month most of these emails are going to be fairly short, because it takes much more time to write them then to read, but I love the updates and please keep me updated.

Emily, What did I tell you about dating before I left, NO DATING TILL AFTER YOU ARE MARRIED!! I dont know how fond I am of you having a boy, but always rember who you are, and I will leave it to Ben, to take care of him, if he gets out of hand.

Dad thank you for the email, i love hearing how things are going. Man I am getting a little worried, my goal is to speak spanish perfectly for when I call you guys in 2 months, Well when it comes to the gospel, it is all good, but there are still other things Im worried about, It seems like whenever I feel good wiht the language, something else hits that >I have know Idea what they are saying.

Heidi, that is awesome, keep up the work girl.


Elder Paul

February 23, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Well I am doing great, Mexico is pretty awesome! It is crazy with my companion being changed tomorrow! Wow I am a bit nervous. But my spanish is coming... kinda... I am now teaching the gospel docterines class on sundays, and had to give a last minute talk yesterday. The people here are still great, and sometimes stubborn, but we should be getting three more baptisms down this weekend.

That is so cool ben met a guy who served here. And Elder Black, the guy the elder talked about is way way TITE! He is a teacher in the MTC, I talked to him almost everyday. He looks alot like me! Big tall and white! He drove down here as well, and was here in Mexico when I got here! He is way awesome!!

Ok well I only have a very few things to say and that I can say in the time! So I had the weirdest and coolest dream the other day. I thought it was a pretty dang cool analogy! SO it is about Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. So he had a compass that could point him toward anything he wanted, Great Huh. But the problem was in number 2 he didn´t know what he wanted, and the compass was no help at all! Well i think it is kinda cool, we have that compass in our life! The gospel is that compass. It can help give us whatever we truley want! But, we need to know what we truley want. SO here is an example, IN my life I decided awhile ago I wanted to get married in the temple someday. Well after realizing that is what I realy want, the gospel, is helping point me the way. With growing in the gospel, going on a mission, learning to put others before me! Just many many things!! Ya well that is my storry...

Dad great job with getting that fixed on the house, It sounds like you are starting to become a project master! You make me proud :)

Ok Mom, this is mainly for you. So I have made it a habbit, whenever I get time, especially in the John. I read all the church things I can get ahold of. WQell I was reading the Dec Liahona, and was reading and article, and something hit me so hard that I actually started to cry. I knew it was written for you! It was so crazy, It has everyone of your answers. It is in the Dec 2008 edition on page 37 and is called "Temple Blessings in a part member family" DOn´t worry it is in english. Please please read it as soon as you can, and then let me know what you think. I think you can find it on the internet!

I love you all so much, and will try next week to send pictures of my new companion and other pics of mexico! I love you all and you are all always in my prayers!!


Elder Paul

February 23, 2009

Here is that article I need you to read mom! I realy did cry when i read it, the spirit just hit me so hard that you needed this! It was crazy. I also want to tell you how lucky you are to have 2 temples within an hour! Here when someone is ready to go to the temple, they have to save up lots, and some even have sold cars, precious possessions, and many more things. After that they have to pay for the ticket to take 4 different buses, the 8 hour bus trip to our closest temple. Alot of times, and usually it is something that they only get to do one time in all of their life! Please, whenever it seems hard to go, rember the good people of Léon Mexico, who would give up anything for the oppurtunity!

My temple attendance gave me insights that improved my relationships with my husband, who was not a Latter-day Saint, and our children.

In June of 1986 I drove my mother to the Cardston Alberta Temple so she could receive her endowment. I had already received my endowment, but my nonmember husband and I lived in a remote part of British Columbia, and I had allowed my recommend to expire. Therefore, I was able to walk with my mother to the recommend desk but could follow her no further. I went outside, leaned against the temple wall, and cried.

After that experience, I determined never to be left outside of the temple again. My husband supported me in my decision, and I was soon attending the temple as frequently as I could. There I learned principles that made a profound difference in my personal life and in relationships with family and friends.

Changes in My Life

First, I noticed a change in my patience level. I had spent years trying to keep my temper under control without much success. As my temple worship taught me about my relationship to my Heavenly Father and to other people, my attitude changed. I came to realize that my family and friends were people I knew before I came here. They were not in my life to thwart or annoy me but to work with me so I could learn life lessons. I gained understanding as I tried to learn what they were trying to teach me, and I gained patience to accept that they progressed at their own speed. I also realized that life was not a struggle to teach others to be perfect so that I could be happy; it is a happy journey toward perfection with people I love.

The second change was in my attitude toward my husband. Before our marriage, I had determined to place him as the head of the family and not to walk away from our relationship. Despite my resolution, I struggled with accepting his choices and sometimes allowed his habits to affect my happiness. In the temple I learned that together we had the potential to be perfect eternal companions. From my new observation point, I saw that when we worked together, we were whole. Our weaknesses and strengths, interests and talents complemented each other’s so well that we were stronger as a team than we were as individuals.

As I learned to accept my husband’s differences, I became less critical and adopted a spirit of cooperation and teamwork in our marriage. I found I was growing more quickly into the person I wanted to be. Moreover, when my husband felt more cooperation from me, he was more loving toward me as well.

The third area of improvement was finding faith that I could allow our four children, who are now grown, to live their lives without my feeling responsible to make them live a certain way. Some of them were less active in the Church, but I still wanted to influence them for good without infringing on their agency. On one particular visit to the temple, I put their names on the prayer roll and prayed long and sincerely in their behalf. I received a profoundly peaceful assurance that all would be well with them.

When meditating on the experience later, I realized that Heavenly Father loved them even more than I did because He understood them better. He wants to bless them and have them return to Him, and He will provide them with learning opportunities. Now when I begin to worry, I remember that experience and do what I can, knowing the Lord will do the rest.

A fourth alteration in my life came as a sense of general peace settled over me, resulting in part from my temple attendance giving me a better eternal perspective. I am confident that the Lord is in charge, that there are enough resources on this earth for us to live comfortably, that there will be oases of virtue within the desert of evil. I no longer think of myself as being alone. The Holy Ghost is my companion, and I can talk to my Heavenly Father in prayer throughout my day. I used to agonize over decisions; now I seek the Spirit’s promptings and act on them as I make choices. And since I no longer feel the need to require others to live the way I think they should, I have more time and energy to “work out [my] own salvation” (Mormon 9:27).

This new perspective lifted a great weight off my shoulders. The Lord meant it when He said:“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls."

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:29–30).

Family Blessings

Continued temple attendance would be essential for me if the only blessings I received were the personal ones of peace, assurance, and patience. But there have been other experiences—many others—that have blessed me and my family.

• I have become involved in family history and have had many wonderful experiences involving family members, both mortal and those beyond the veil.

• In November 1993 our second daughter married in the temple, and I was able to attend the sealing.

• In May 2006, after 37 years of marriage, my husband joined the Church. In August 2007 he and I were sealed, and our second daughter was sealed to us. Our oldest daughter, who was sealed to her husband and daughter in November 2006, was sealed to us in August 2008.

I am forever grateful to a mother who led the way by being baptized when I was seven and who later inspired me to get my temple recommend again. Following her example has brought numerous personal blessings, and those blessings have extended to other members of my family.

In the temple, I learned that my husband and I had the potential to be perfect eternal companions. From this new observation point, I saw that we were stronger as a team than we were as individuals.

February 16, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Well lets see it is always so hard to know were to start, and I know I always forget lots of things, I guess that just means I will have lots of stories when I get home.

Well first of all, I was so heart broken when I heard about the church burning down. I have been going to that church for like 12 years now! It is so weird to think that the church I will be coming home to will be a different one! If you could talk him into it, could you ask Bishop Messer to keep my plaque the same one. I would like to have that one that is a bit faded. I don´t know why it just seems rite.

So lets see next, well I had been having trouble with a girl here who kept asking me to marry her and take her to the United States. My companion finally gave me something to tell her, and she decided that I was not worth it, But.... she stared chasing after him pretty hard. We told the Pres. And he told us that he was planning on changing my companion in a week anyway! That is crazy because he is my Trainer and I only have just over a month with him. Most New Americans here have 4-5 months with there trainer!! So I am pretty nervous.

OUr baptisms have been slow the last two weeks with only one or two, but this week we have 8 baptisms lined up, that will give us the record for all of this City!! YAYA

So o it was so crazy, please don´t worry after this, but it was nuts there was a kid from a gang here killed last week like 2 blocks from our house! Nuts!

So lets see, oh we have two big struggles here. ONe is that everyone here believes or worships the virgin marry. SHe is like a god here. We have had a few people love everything that we are teaching and ask if we worship the virgin, and we say no, and they tell us to get out of there house. So on Wed. We were talking to a girl who was about twenty, and was a (Christian) We asked her, for her who is Jesus Christ. All she could say was that christ was the son of the virgin! ha it was hard not to laugh a bit,.

Our other main problem is the Jahovas witnesses. Boy they are nuts. They preach two days a week, and only like to bible bash, and tell why catholics are horrible. There other big thing is whenever someone lets them into their house, they ask for a drink and then brake anything that has to do with the virgin marry in the house. SInce they dress like we do, most people think we are like them, and are pretty nervous at first!

So this one is for the kids, you guys should never ever complain about helping mom wash clothes. Yesterday I got the oppurtunity to wash by hand. It took about 4 hours just to wash my clothes, and is not to fun. We have to pump water to do it! It was pretty crazy!

Is cody mccracken doing ok? I am so sorry to hear about that accident. They will deffinatly be in my prayers.

Man I wish I had more time But I have to go, I will be sure to write more next week and answer all of your questions.

I love you all,

Elder Paul

February 9, 2009


The big white missionary at a family baptism.

Baptism day.

"I hope they call me on a mission, when I have grown a foot or two." (Primary Songbook)

Elder Paul and a gaggle of geese.

"I think I could fly this thing."

Can you find the missionary?
Traditional burning of the shirt.

"How do you focus this thing?"
Dinner is served.
"Now this is what I call a feast, complete with a Pepsi and a straw!"

"Even with all the good food, I'm losing weight. Already put three extra holes in my belt."

"But I still can't fit into my companion's shirt."

February 9, 2009


Well another week is gone! Crazy. So as of yesterday I have officially been on a mission for 4 months! Crazy 1/6 of my mission is gone! Well lets see how well I can remeber this week..

Well we had one mother and her daughters baptised last Sunday. We went to there house and they asked us to sing. We sang lots and lots of songs for them, alot of them I sang in english and Elder Herrera sang in Spanish. The spirit was AMAZING!

Lets see I was teaching on lesson and was talking about Christ attoning for us. I meant to say Christ will pay for them (our sins), if we follow him. This is said "Y Él los pagará, si nosotros le sigimos." But I said " Y Él los pegará, si nosotros le sigimos!" This means Christ will punch them if we follow him. Ya, THey had a pretty shocked face! My companion quickly corrected me!

Lets see, we also went out to eat chinese food for lunch one day with some members. It made me laugh, because chinese food was so different here. They had lots of potatos in everything. Lots of Jalapeños, and many many other things much much different. It is just so funny how different cultures have such different takes on foods! And it is amazing the ammount of food they expect you to eat here! I´m suprised I am not a blimp yet!

After that they took us to meet there non member friend at the park. When we got there they had a big bag of tortilla dough and we were able to feed ducks, I will send some pics of it!

So the little girls here are so funny. They are always so supprised to see a big huge white guy here, and they just stare and smile and giggle. It is way fun, the kids here are awesome! And alot of them, beg us to come talk to there parents, and there parents have their kids show off their English. It is funny because all though they are speaking english I usually have no idea what they are saying!

So Elder Herrera and I had a pretty cool experience with prayer. We were trying to plan a few nights ago, and just could not figure out what we needed to do the next day. Suddenly he said crap elder we didn{t pray first. I had totally forgotten. We prayed and it was like both our minds were cleared! IT was Awesome!

I heard you have finished the scriptures, that is awesome! I love reading the scriptures and I realy do love truly getting into them. I seriously laugh and cry with the scriptures. I know that sounds funny but its true. Like awhile back I was reading about cain and Able. And it is so sad, but it kinda makes me laugh when God is like Cain were is Able, and Cain is like I dont know :S. For some reason I kept picturing God being like, "Ok is that seriously your answer? You realize there is only one person in the spirit world after death and its your brother! So lets try again, Were is he!?"

Ya I am very imaginative, but it realy helps me get into the scriptures.

What is going on with the laptop? I bought a one year warrenty, so that is up I think, but I thought there was an extended 3 year parts warrenty. THe disks, should be in my stuff somewere in a little small cd case. IF he wants he can follow the steps on those and reload everything. Just be sure to save anything he needs on something else. There are two of them and they say HP something on them.

Well that is mostly it, oh ya, so Here in my area Españita (if you want to look it up it is in the city of San Louis Potosi, and is north of Léon) The record for baptisms in a month is 6. Well So far this month we have met that record, and it realy looks like in the next two weeks we are going to be able to double it! YES!!

I love you all very much

Elder Paul

Can you send like 30$ for a memory card?