Friday, June 26, 2009

May 4, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well how is everyone doing? I am doing pretty dang good. Well lets see I am not going to have much time to write this today I am sorry. THe problem is that I am living with Elder Gray again. I dont know if you remeber him, but he was my comp in the MTC. He is way awesome, definatly I am giong to hang out with him alot after my mission. ANd he is doing a very good job of making me go to BYU for a year but who knows. Ok well, my companion is Elder Bolio. He is a little difficult because he is NEVER happy, and is a very good follower. But it is realy bad if there is a bad example for him to follow. Well Elder Gray and his companion live with us in our house now, and his companion is dying pretty quick. HE likes to get on MSN here and chat with people, and so my companion started to get on chats too. Well Elder Gray and I have both talked to them but they wont stop, so these next few times we are going to cut back our emailing time.

Please dont think that you shouldn`t write me tons, because I love reading, just I may not be able to write letters as big these next few times. OH by the way Emily, elder Gray said he never got a letter back to him :) !

Well things are going good here, exept that everyone is dying :( lol Someone said the tole here in San Louis is now like 100 or more deaths. And everyone in the streets have masks! EVERYONE!ยช! They have also closed down all the schools, and churches! So it has been pretty hard for us. Well we finally decided maybe we should start wearing masks, but.... THERE ARE NONE!! The hospitals dont even have any! How crazy is that! But, hopefully the whole everyone is getting sick thing is just over dramatic!

Thank you mom, it is so good to hear from everyone! Please give Ken Matheson my email! I would realy love to talk to him, he is like my little bro. ANd wish Brady good luck in scottland!

I love you all very much,

Elder Paul

P.S. Mom have you had the chance to send that package?

Hey everyone, so I am going to be calling this sunday! I just dont know what time, and I am actually going to need you to call me! I will go talk and see were and when latter and will email you the number and what time hopefully tonight! I have a little longer to takl to time on the phone, so if josh or robert, or any of my friends are around they can come say hi too! But ya so crazy I will be calling in 6 days!

Love you all,

Elder Paul

Hey everyone its me! Hey well The sister here said I could use her phone here in her house. You will need to get a calling card and call me at 5 o clock my time. I think there is a time difference of two hours, and you guys are two hours behind. So like 3 o clock your time. I think that is correct but you can check on the internet.

Here is the number 014448150433I realy dont know how to call this number from the united states so I hope mom knows. If you are realy having troubles I think you can call the Pres. Office and ask them.

So just so you remeber that number you call me at 5 o clock, or 3 o clock your time.

Love you all cant wait to hear from you!

Elder Paul

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