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December 10, 2008

Hey everybody!

Well I got my surgery on Monday! It went way better than expected! Awesome! Well I asked to start physical Therapy today, they were very surprised, but went ahead and let me start. It was very very painful, but no pain no gain! Well and then I went to the surgen, it looks like a will be leaving rite after Christmas! So good news for everyone, you can sent me a Christmas present! :D

Dad let me know on the phone that Dallas and Jaycie had their baby! Awesome! Wow it would have been nice to get a letter or DearElder though letting me know, instead of finding out a few days latter when I asked about it! But, i know everyone must just be very very busy!

I am loving reading the bible, I jsut finished Dueteranamy (or however you spell it) My goal was to finish all the standard works by the end of my mission, but since I have already read The book of Mormon, D&C, Pearl of Great Price (multple times), Preach my Gospel, alot of Jeasus the Christ, and am working on the old testimant, my goad is now to have all the standard works read and marked by the six month mark. So that is fun! You realy can find any answer to any questions in life jsut by asking through prayer and then letting god answer you through his words in the scriptures.

It has been a weird and hard week. My whole district left without me on Monday, it was like watching my family leave without me :( It was very tough to know that I wwould be the last one leaving. I have been given a new companion and a new room until this Monday, and then I will be reassigned again.

Well other than surgery not much has been happening. (I got to start my own IV before my surgery, it was cool) But, ya I would love to hear alot about everyone, and even better from everyone. I have my own mailbox now, and it is feeling lonely. It has only gotten on letter (A Christmas Card from Jen) since last Wednesday! So feel free to write.

I love everyone so much. I have learned this week how much Preach my Gospel is realy docterine. It was written for missionary work, and jsut like the scriptures can answer all of our questions. I would encourage you to take your Family Home Evening lesson this Monday from the Chapter on how to recieave answers from the Spirit! It is my very Favorite Chapter.

Please thank Grandpa and Grandma for coming to the surgery. Just so everyone knows, I talked to the surgen today and he told me that... He could not believe there was no ligament damage after the MRI (Miricle for sure) and so he had to cut out the inner maniscis, and alot of scar tissue. The scar tissue was rubiing out peices of the bone, and that caused alot of pain. He removed that, and smothed out the bone. So Hopefully it is all down hill very soon!

Lastly, today in physical therpy, my physical therapist was the dad of one of the Elders I gave a blessing to. This elder was one that told me that if it were not for me he would have gone home. It was amazing to talk to his dad, who had heard about all this, and see the tears in his eyes when he thanked me. I told him if it were not for the strength I have recieved through my family and very good friends, and our Heavenly father I could not have done this, so They are deffinatly the ones who needed his son out in the field. He started to cry and hugged me. It was amazing. I so apprieciate the love that our church has and the spirit about it.

Well I love everyone so very much and can't wait to hear from everyone.

Love your, Elder Paul

P.S. I am out of money and stamps, I am going to try and scrounge up a few, but stamps would be very very good! I love everyone!

P.S.S I also need pictures of ashton, the family picture from Dallas and Jaycie's wedding, and Other pics of the rest of my family, including zoee and zaylee! Thank You!!

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