Friday, June 26, 2009

April 27, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Well I can´t belive how fast the weeks are flying by! It is nuts, it feels like every day it is time to write again. Ok so we are going to be starting a MAY of sacrifices but we are not going to be doing as much of sacraficing our Pdays. We have alot of fasts and working through other days planned out! We are realy going to try as hard as we can to get Elder Bednar here this month with 300 baptisms!!

We only have rite now one major problem in the trying to baptise and getting people to church. There is a bit of a epademic here. With Pig Fevor. There have been about 70 deaths here in San Louis Potosi. So the goverment has shut everything down. THe churches have been cancled for two weeks, schools, anything public. They are telling everyone to stay in there house. Of course the mission work can´t stop so we are still knocking like crazy (Dont worry we have to were some pretty heavy duty masks) But it is tought because no one wants to open there doors rite now.

So as well I have our pic of the family, and everyone here wants to see it. Well they sure do love our family here, and Eric has had about 50 wedding purposals, so let him know if things dont work out with Lacy that he has alot of mexicanas here!

So I can only realy thing of one storry this week. We were teaching a man called Benjamin. So we started teaching him. He loves reading and has red the bible like 3 times as well as everyother book about any church. Well after a little bit he started to teach us. He let us know that Sins are a invention of men. There is no such thing as a sin. He let us know that if he wanted to kill a man, god would understand because we are only game peices here on earth. He also let us know that pornography is just fine, because our body`s are beautiful and we need to see them in there true form how god created them. He then told his daughter to take off her clothes! We let him know that she could not do that with us there, and that we needed to go! So ya it was a experience, and something tells me he just not is quite ready to be baptised yet! :)

Well I love you all and love to hear all is oging well. SOrry these are all short without many stories, but I dont have much time, and well just everyone know that I love them and that you are aloways in my prayers!

I love you all,

Elder Paul

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