Saturday, June 20, 2009

October 15, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Well dang I just wrote you guys a huge email, and accidently deleted it! SO here goes, the MTC has been fun! It has been one week but it feels like it has been three weeks, but each day has flown by! Crazy huh! So my teachers are Hermano peƱailillo and Hermano Chavez! THey are awesome one speaks only spanish and the other lived in LA so he speaks slang! They are like Spirituall Monsters! Hermano Chavez sang I am a child of god the other day to us and he has such an awesome voice the spirit was way strong! So I have learned to pray, say my testimony, testify, and teach the begining of the first lesson in spanish! Crazy huh, and we have already taught the first lesson and we are working on the second lesson. I leave the MTC on Dec 8th! Hopefully a few missionaries going to mexico were suppose to leave a week ago but the visas are going realy slow rite now! So pray for me! I hpe you all know that you are always in my prayers! Ok now what is up with only one letter! Thank you MOM! So I would like to say that all my roomates have gotten like 4 letters already! (my companions name es Elder Grey! He is tight!) SO BEN, EMILY, HEIDI, DAD, MOM get to it! How am I suppose to read you personal letters if you don't write me! OK mom I would like you to send these emails to grandparents, friends, brothers, ect. Make sure Robert Josh and Dallon get them! And let everyone know not to e-mail me back, because I can't open them! Either Write me a letter or Best write me through! Mom knows how to do that, those are the best because I get them the same day! O and please if you can send a package, I need sweat shirts, t-shirts logos are just fine, and my ring if Jen didn't already pick it up! Ok well everyone please write I love you all so much! And pray for each and everyone of you induvidually every night! I have to go because we only have 30 minutes to write and mine is over in 3 minutes! I love you all so much!

The Apostle Paul!

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