Friday, June 26, 2009

April 20, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Well it is another dia de preparación. Well I have a new companion. He is way way different! He is very very serious! And does not like to talk at all. He is Mayor because he has 20 months, but told me he doesn´t like to lead. So it actually has been awesome! Because I have to talk constantly, because he only pipes in every now and then with a scripture. I also have to make all the calls and all the plans for the day. It has helped my spanish a ton! I feel completly fine talking on the phone now with anyone. Don´t get me wrong, Ihave alot alot of work still to go with my spanish, and I am sure at times people have no idea what I am saying, but I dont mind and everone is way nice about helping the gringo.

Well today we were ablee to wear our old clothes like normal cloths. I have not worn them for about 3 months, and oh, boy are they huge on me. Ihave to siinch my pants up way tite to keep them from falling off, and I don´t know if you remeber how tite all my shirts were before, but ya, they are not anymore. So I figured I would weigh myself at the bshops house, and found that I weigh about 250 pounds rite now. Quite a bit less then my 312 pounds when I entered the mission :)! and talkng about losing weight, one of the sisters of the ward fed us some bad pork. Well my companion and I were very sick all night. And At one point I was in the bathroom, and he was pounding on the door to use the bathroom..... and you see there was no way I could get up, because the train was already leaving the station, so ya..... he got creative with a bucket. Lol we are all better now, just thought everyone would love to hear stories of Mexico!

Talking of stories, I want to teell you about trasportation here in Mexico. THere are lots of buses for people but, if a family is fairly welthy they can by transportation for themselves. For a family of three, A bicycle is perfect. (I actually saw a family of five the other day on one) for a family of 4-5 a moto is about rite. And if the family is very very rich they can by a car, but it is more for about 8 to 10 people! How crazy is that when a family in america with only two cars is weird!

Mom I am so so proud of you! You are going to be speaking at your own graduation! That is awesome! I have been praying alot for your writing lattly, so it is awesome to hear your book is coming along!

Padre, yo voy a tener usted en mis oracciones. Lo siento, mi español no es moy bien, y yo nunca tengo el opurtunidad para escribir en español! Nesacita dicer mi si su serogia is bein, porque yo penso que un dia yo nesacito tener una! Madre dijo que hay dinero en mi banko pero you no puedo checkar ultra vez! Puede llamar el banco de America, y les pregunta de esta? Padre Te amo mucho, y no puedo esperar para la dia que yo puedo hablar todo con usted en español!


Hey that is awesome man with peperdine! You definatly have the brains, to bad I got all the good looks! Every single truth is heree in our chuch! I have almost finished all the bible, and ya, everything fits perfect. But most important you need to PRAY!! Theree is no other way to actually know. Heree in the mission, we kknow someone cant get baptised if they dont pray, because they just cant have the testamony without it!!


I don{t know how I feel about the whole boy frned thing! But, ya I do my 50 pushups and situps every day, so if I dont agree I will just have to destroy him when I get back! Mom said you have been reading your scriptures! How awsome do you feel! Isn{t it amazing the difference in your life. Make sure to encourage this boy of yours to go on a mission! And, ya still have not got a letter from ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey how are you doing. Man I was pretty upset about the Fair thing. I dont have any tolerance for that kind of crap. Make sure whenever something like that happens you let someone know! Especially Ben. He is a good brother and He will take care of you! How are things gong with your friends? Are you reading the scripturees?

Well I love everyone, and can´t believe I will be calling in like 3 weeks! I love all of you very much,


Elder Adam Paul

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