Friday, June 26, 2009

April 6, 2009

Hey everyone!

Man emily and ben went on a cruise? Why didn´t you tell me? That is sweet! Heidi, your hair looks very cute! Thanks for the pics!

Mom did you make they grade for the graduation thing? I have my fingurs crossed!

So I have bad news, I chipped one of my teeth. Just a teeny tiny bit, and I sure hope after my mission I can get it fixed. I don´t know if i told you about this already but we were eating cake with a family, and I didn´t realize it is a tradition to bake little toys into the cake. Well ya, I had quite a surprise, when I hit it! But, it is pretty small!

Oh, I alshad the oppurtunity to make salsa! It was way fun. THey use like a stone crushing bason. But man is the salsa here way spicy. The hermana let me make a mild salsa, with only one habanero, and two jalapenos, with three small tomatos mixed in! Lol, but I am getting used to it pretty well, and can eat it without dying!

Other than that we had conference this weekend. It was so weird not being home in the living room watching it with everyone! But they had it broadcasted into the steak center. The pres. Also had us hook up one tv in one room in english, for ALL the gringos! There are only 4 of us in all my zone who can speak english! lol!

But, I loved conference. It was so weird because I realized I learned things so much... differently. Before being here I always thought of how the things they said could help me. Now I noticed with everything i was thinking of how that thing could help one of your investagators. It was realy cool.

Other than that, I have a package I would like to send home. It has some books in english i wo0uld like to have after my mission, some mexican candy, some other gifts from mexico, and just stuff i would like to have when i get back, but dont have room to pack it around here. Well i found a member who works for fedex. the cheapest they can ship it is about 800 pasos. I have that much, but we are suppose to keep 500 pasos with us always in our house. Is there any way you can send like 40 dolars to send the package next week? Just let me know?

Well I love you all very much. You are all aways in my prayers!


Elder Paul

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