Friday, June 26, 2009

March 30, 2009

Well hello Everyone,

Man so our March of Maddness is over. It is crazy, how very tired everyone is. It was realy hard last night, to look at all our goals, and see that we have not met them. My elder and I wanted 14 batisms this month. We worked as hard and harder than I have ever worked non stop. but only ended up with about half of that. As well as our mission didn´t meet our goal of 300 baptisms this month. Well we were a bit down, when our zone leaders talked to us. But, then they let us no some reserch they have done. Our area has never had many baptisms and we have broken the record for baptisms in the history of this area for the last 2 months. As well as the record for baptisms in our mission is 148 in one month. Well as of yesterday we have 250 baptisms for the month of March. And, our little ward, our bishop told us has a constant of about 40 members attending church. Well.... for the past three weeks we have had over 85 people in attendence, the stake pres is even talking of a new church for us! So I guess we realy can see that hard work pays off!

Mom, no worries with the package, just when ever you get a chance is fine. But if you could get some allergy medacine and face wash to send with it, i realy need them bad, and can´t find them anywere here!

Well lets see, with my week. O so I had told you that here they worship the virgin Marry (Mother of Jesus) more than anyone else, well we asked a few people about the virgin, and you would not believe the storries we have gotten. From Marry of Rome, To Marry not liking the jews, and so she went to live in Mexico, and that is why she has brown skin, to mary, being the wife of god, to marry being a GOD!! Man it was prettty crazy. And in one house, we saw a crusifix, which was not weird because there is one in every house, with Christ on the cross. But, with this one in this house, Christ had a huge grin? I found it a bit different, I have never heard of christ being happy on the cross??

O so I had an opurtunity to eat another thing i have never eaten. ONe of our converts decided to make us sea food, My comapanion told her about my allergic reaction to fish, so she made shrimp and squid. I have never had squid before, and just so you know, it tastes like fish and crab mixed into a rubber band.

Ok, lets see, oh we had 3 baptisms yesterday. I sure love baptisms. But man I need my temple pants because the jumpers that I have to use, are pretty small!! ha, we one of the laddies we baptised has a neese who is 13 and has a baby of 7 months!!! She is 13 YEARS OLD!! Man it is nuts. She is not married, but works a full time job and takes care of the baby.

Well I think that is just about alol I have for this week, I love you all very much! If you get a chance please ask eric to sit down and write realy quick!

I love you all

Elder Paul

Hey dad!

How is it going! Man sounds like you are staying very busy! So have you been able to put away any money for maybe a trip? I realy would love to show you everything, and to go down memory lain with you as well! Man my spanish, at times is good, and at times, man I feel lost still! Well, sorry this is realy short, just wanted to tell you how much I love you, and how thankful I am to you for your example in my life! Oh, wih mom, can she not yet apply for Music teacher? She would realy be the pperfect replacment for Mrs. D! Man

Well I love you,

Elder Paul

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I love you very much!!

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