Friday, June 26, 2009

February 16, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Well lets see it is always so hard to know were to start, and I know I always forget lots of things, I guess that just means I will have lots of stories when I get home.

Well first of all, I was so heart broken when I heard about the church burning down. I have been going to that church for like 12 years now! It is so weird to think that the church I will be coming home to will be a different one! If you could talk him into it, could you ask Bishop Messer to keep my plaque the same one. I would like to have that one that is a bit faded. I don´t know why it just seems rite.

So lets see next, well I had been having trouble with a girl here who kept asking me to marry her and take her to the United States. My companion finally gave me something to tell her, and she decided that I was not worth it, But.... she stared chasing after him pretty hard. We told the Pres. And he told us that he was planning on changing my companion in a week anyway! That is crazy because he is my Trainer and I only have just over a month with him. Most New Americans here have 4-5 months with there trainer!! So I am pretty nervous.

OUr baptisms have been slow the last two weeks with only one or two, but this week we have 8 baptisms lined up, that will give us the record for all of this City!! YAYA

So o it was so crazy, please don´t worry after this, but it was nuts there was a kid from a gang here killed last week like 2 blocks from our house! Nuts!

So lets see, oh we have two big struggles here. ONe is that everyone here believes or worships the virgin marry. SHe is like a god here. We have had a few people love everything that we are teaching and ask if we worship the virgin, and we say no, and they tell us to get out of there house. So on Wed. We were talking to a girl who was about twenty, and was a (Christian) We asked her, for her who is Jesus Christ. All she could say was that christ was the son of the virgin! ha it was hard not to laugh a bit,.

Our other main problem is the Jahovas witnesses. Boy they are nuts. They preach two days a week, and only like to bible bash, and tell why catholics are horrible. There other big thing is whenever someone lets them into their house, they ask for a drink and then brake anything that has to do with the virgin marry in the house. SInce they dress like we do, most people think we are like them, and are pretty nervous at first!

So this one is for the kids, you guys should never ever complain about helping mom wash clothes. Yesterday I got the oppurtunity to wash by hand. It took about 4 hours just to wash my clothes, and is not to fun. We have to pump water to do it! It was pretty crazy!

Is cody mccracken doing ok? I am so sorry to hear about that accident. They will deffinatly be in my prayers.

Man I wish I had more time But I have to go, I will be sure to write more next week and answer all of your questions.

I love you all,

Elder Paul

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