Friday, June 26, 2009

March 2, 2009

Hello Again,

Well things here in mexico are great. It has been a crazy week though. SO far in our mission we have 50 baptims this month and it is the 2nd, of the month. SO we have decided as a mission that this Month is going to be March of Sacrifices. The first thing to go is most of our pdays this month. instead of having the usually 6 hours for pday, All this month we will have 2 and a half. SO I am sorry that my letters are all going to be fairly short.

The reason we are doing this is because as a mission, with our 50 companionships we want to have 300 Baptisms this month. We have been promised by Elder Bednar, that if we can acheive 300 baptisms, he will personaly come to our mission to visit us. We fasted all day yesterday for our baptisms this month. IF you could pray for us and our investagators as a Family that would be great!

Holy Cow Ben, Peperdine, that is nuts! I´m way proud to hear that you are doing so well. Buddy, I love you , and would realy love to get an email from you next week, letting me know whats going on, and if you did what I asked you to.

Mom, do you still have the insoles for shoes you bought for me, before my mission, if so could you send them when you can. Mine are ripped to shreds, and the wood underneath is starting to give me more blisters. Also, a journal, I am almost done with this one, and I finished my other one, so ya, if you could.....

Well I have tons of storries but until next month most of these emails are going to be fairly short, because it takes much more time to write them then to read, but I love the updates and please keep me updated.

Emily, What did I tell you about dating before I left, NO DATING TILL AFTER YOU ARE MARRIED!! I dont know how fond I am of you having a boy, but always rember who you are, and I will leave it to Ben, to take care of him, if he gets out of hand.

Dad thank you for the email, i love hearing how things are going. Man I am getting a little worried, my goal is to speak spanish perfectly for when I call you guys in 2 months, Well when it comes to the gospel, it is all good, but there are still other things Im worried about, It seems like whenever I feel good wiht the language, something else hits that >I have know Idea what they are saying.

Heidi, that is awesome, keep up the work girl.


Elder Paul

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