Friday, June 26, 2009

June 22, 2009

Ok wow! This last week has been one of the most emotianal, one of the toughest, and one of the greatest weeks of my whole mission! I have definatly been using the scripture alot that says "Despute not because we see not. For we recieve no witness until after the trial of our faith" Eter 12;6

Well we were very excited to be having 14 baptisms this last Saturday. 12 of the baptisms were from one family. This family is abousluluty awesome. They are learning so much. Even the little kids. We have been visiting them for about a week and a half and the kids have started teaching the parents. The parents started to cry when they saw how much the kids have learned. Apart from this I am also teaching the kids how to read music, and how to lead. They are loving it. And they are teaching me soccer!

Well on Thursday we came over to their house. All the kids were crying, as well as the older kids, and the parents. They told us what happened the night before after we left. The mom of the mom saw us leave and asked one of the kids. The kids told her they were all ready to be baptised. Well the Grandma came over and started hitting the mom with a mop. She has some pretty bad bruises! Well then she called the Father of the Catholic church and he came over. He asked the kids what was up. THey taught him the plan of Salvation, and that they wanted to go to the celestial kingdom, so they are going to be baptised.

Well the father was not pleased at all with this. I think maybe he was jelous that these kids knew more than him. Well he condemned the family to HELL!! Ok, so I know we need to have the love of christ for everyone. But I am mad, if I see him I cant say I could control my anger. This man who says he is a servent of Christ, said that he can condem someone to hell. Jesus Christ himself didnt ever condemn someone, so how can this so called Man do this.

Well the family was hurt pretty bad. They told us that they needed some time. But that we could keep visiting them. This is one of those times that I just dont understand why this happened, but I know that I need to put all my faith in God, and keep moving forward. BUt that hurt pretty bad, to see everyone crying!

Well then we had another man who is a recovering alcholic. He has been a drunk for about 6 months. But he had 2 weeks with no alchol. Well, on Wed. Night we were not able to visit him. He was realy sad and drank. And after he tried to blow up the neiborhood. Well he is in prison now. I am realy hoping he gets a glance at what is important, and can start again with his recovery.

Well that is the realy hard part of the week. And now for the high parts of the week.

ON Friday at 6 in the morning we all headed to Leòn to listen to Elder Bednar talk. He was amazing. I realy expected that he would give a talk to us about how to be better, and to work harder, and ya I dont know. But , thats not even close to what he did. He had microphones set up around the building. He got there and said, ok you have read some of my talks. Please tell me what you thought about them. As we commented he added his comments. Then he said, ok ask me any question you want. We had about 4 hours with him, and I have to say it felt like 5 minutes.

Here is a story I realy like that he told. He said there was a missionary who returned to his house. At 21 he was married to the love of his life in the temple. At 22 years old he was diagnosed with a very servere cancer. He was told he would die in a few weeks. His mom called Elder Bednar, and he came to visit the young man in the hospital. The young man asked Elder Bednar to give him a blessing. Elder Bednar then said something that he said he had never ever thought or heard before. He said," Young man do you have the faith not to be healed" The question is very different from the usual. But I liked it because we need to have faith, to let God´s will be done. Well thats all of the story im going to tell.

But here is what it has to do with the mission work. He said alot of missionaries have faith that if they work they will have success of baptise. Well he said we need to have the faith to work as hard as we can weather we have the success of baptisms or not. THat realy helped me alot this week with the 13 baptisms that fell through.

Ok, and now the last story. So we did have one baptism this week. She was a laddy who was in the Chrisitan church. She went and listened to Elder Bednar in the night and said she knows he is a man of god, and she is ready to be baptsised. Well you see our church is realy nice, but they have not used the font in about 2 years. SO when we tried to fill it up, no water came out :(

Well the members were so excited to be baptising someone new in their ward that they all hoped in cars, and we drove up to the lake. It was awesome. She asked me to baptise her, and it was amazing. The water was suppose to be cold, but it wasnt at all. Also the whole day the wind was blowing like mad. But for those 10 minutes that we were at the lake, there was hardly any wind! I will try to send some pics of it!

O hey mom. You said you are going to send those pants for the baptisms. Thank you I need them very much. Is there any way you can send my green suit as well. I need one smaller. Im getting to the point, that well, my pants dont like to stay up, even with my belt.. Lol! ANd if you send them by Wed. I should get them next time pres comes up to visit our zone!

Thank you so much, I love you all and you are always in my prayers,

Elder Paul

Hey mom. It is adam. Hey can you try to send that stuff as soon as you can. We have some baptisms coming up soon. And my overall to baptise in ripped realy bad. SO I realy need those white pants. Sorry I ask for so many things, but I love you! and thank you for your support!

I love you,

Elder Paul

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