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November 12, 2008

Hey Everyone,

So another week down...... without any letters from home!?! I'm starting to get worried, I hope everything is ok! I was told that Heidi has a hurt knee? What is going on with it? Well about my knee, I have my surgury scheduled for Monday! I am more scared than I have ever been about surgery! I went and talked to the surgen today, a nice guy who is a branch president, him and my branch presdiency are going to do the surgery. Well they ran into a problem today checking it out. It looks like there may be alot more damage then the first MRI showed and my knee keeps swelling up worse than every. So I was told this by Dr. Nelson (My surgen) The recovery is difficult to call thus far. If it is what we thought it was the first MRI it will be a quick trim of the Maniscus and I will be on crutches for a week, No Prob. If it is what he thought he saw today, I will be on crutches for 6 weeks, delaying me about 2-3 weeks from leaving :'( ! And if it is worse, and damage to tendons and liguments, they sometimes send missionaries home for recovery!

So I would if it is ok, ask everyone to pray for me. I know I have been in your prayers, but if you could pray for my knee that would be great! I am going to also fast on Sunday, so anyone is welcome to join me. I sure hope that everything goes well and quick, but I also have come to understand, that it is God's will be done! Thank you all for your prayers!

So this week I have also come down with a pretty good cold. It is funny, like one person in our zone got sick, now we are all one by one getting it. I am hoping I am on the up side of it, and have not had to miss any classes because of it yet.

We had a member of the seventy talk to us last night at our devotional. Before he spake his wife did, they are from Germany and have very strong accents, and even stronger spirits! They were awesome! So she talked about there are no nobodys. It was awesome, and so true, I know there were times in my life I wondered who I realy am and I'm sure everyone else has wondered that same thing. I still don't know how im going to do on a mission, whats going to happen to my knee, what i'm meant to do in life, whats going on with my family...... Lots of things I don't know, but i do KNOW that My Heavenly Father Loves Me, And I know that he loves each and everyone of you! Because of this fact we know we are all somebody, and somebody special. There are no nobodies on this earth because God will never have a nobody!

So I hear Eric and the Girl from Cedar (Don't rember her name) are getting pretty close? Do you have any pictures? What is she like!? Please have Eric write me, and get me his address! Please Give everyone my love! I love them all so very much!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, So my surgen is an awesome guy, he said he would never do a quick fix on a missionaries knee, he is going to fix it so it will work for the rest of my life. My anistiesialogist is the guy from my branch president. He is going to have elder Gray all dressed down and in the opporating room with him! Hopefully we get some sweet pictures!

So I love all of you, Please Please write me! It is funny you get much more home sick here when nobody writes you!?! So how is the Baby coming along? I need some pics of Zoee and Zaylee! Ben, I wrote you a huge letter, were is the letter back? Well please write it would be great to hear from everyone!

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers and know that you are all in all of my prayers (like 11 times a day at least)

I love you all

Elder Paul

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