Friday, June 26, 2009

January 1, 2009

"I'm FINALLY in Mexico! Ole'!"

My companion and me on P-day.

Hello Everyone,

Well I am finally here in my area with my Companions. I have two, Elder Gales, and Eler Herrera my dad (Trainer). Boy oh Boy, I thought I would maybe be able to understand a little bit, but wow was I in for a surrprise, they taught me the wrong language in the MTC I think :)! So how is everyone. I am going to attach some pictures for all of you, I hope you like them. Well as soon as I got here we went to work. My first baptism is tomorrow, and we have 8 new investegators, so that is pretty exciting. But, this place is deffinatly catholic. My companions showed me around the area today, since it is p-day. Down town there is a Cathederal on every corner. And, wow did they like new years eve here! THere were bombs and guns and millions of fireworks going on all night!

Most of the food here is also realy good. The tamalies and tocos are way good, but all they eat realy is Chicken and Corn torrtillas, but I love it. THe only thing I realy have not liked is a warm drink they make, that is just boiled corn tortillas, but I drank it and smiled :)

It was very good to hear from all of you in the Airport, it sounds like everyone is doing pretty good! It looks like the best way to write me will be e-mail and pouch mail. Also I realy realy need my temple pants pretty bad. If you could do that, that would be great.

It is fun, it is way hard for most people to say my name here. LOl I thought I had a pretty easy name, so most people just call me Pablo. Oh, and one of my vocab words yesterday was por que ria. So after dinner I said, Gracias Hermana Karica Por Que Ria. (I meant to say Gracias Hermana Karica Comida). Ya so instead of saying THaNK YOU FOR this delicous food, I said thank you Sister for this delicious trash! OOPs! They were nice though and just smiled and laughed.

Well I hope you like the pictures! In ending I just want to say, it is funny we walked over 20 miles yesterday, my calves are killing, my feet have blisters, I am sun burned, my stomache doesn´t know whats going on, and I am way way dirty...........But I am having the time of my life!

I love you all very much,
Elder Paul

P.S. I am actually going to send the pics attached to the other e-mail.

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