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November 26, 2008

Hello Everyone!!

Well I'll start rite off with an update. I have had to go to the hospital one more time with a severe allergic reaction, we still don't know exactly what to? So hopefully they send me to Mexico with a EPPY Pen. Well I went to the doctor yesterday and he let me know I am getting worse, kinda! It is funny because I feel much better. The Infection as spread to the bottom of my right lung, and I cough up blood (No worries they jsut said it is from the infection!) So I am still on a Pain Killer, Lots of Antibiotics, and some anxiety medacine.

They put me on the anxiety thing because after my last allergic reaction I guess that I started freaking out and thought the room was closing on me. It is funny because they decided I need to see a councilor to! It is funny, phycologists are so funny! Lol well sorry if my e-mail last week was a little down, it was actually the only day that I actually struggled with being so sick.

I have been able to see God's hand in my life very much lattly. It is funny because I wish I could see what he is thinking sooner. I questioned for a while why I had gotten so sick, it was like, "What the Heck?" Well I was able to find out that noone in the last 3 weeks has gone home. I found out from afew people that when I got sick they had been planning on going Home (about three people told me this) They said when they saw the pain I was in and still going to class and smiling and going around to give everyone hugs, they just couldn't go home. It is so sad how unworthy I was, that I could not even see this, and that I was not able to put more trust in our Heavenly father.

I also have realy learned to put my trust in the scriptures and lean to the scriptures. THis time last week I was in Alma Chapter 2 I think, and now I have 2 chapters left in The Book Of Mormon. I have one scripture that has helped me alot as well and that I have learned tons from. It is in Alma It says that if we put our trust in God he will deliver us from our trials. I have tried putting this to the test. I have not been delivered like I thought that I would be (being healed), but have felt so much help in my life it has been AWESOME!

Well I probably will be in the MTC through the new year. Not only are Visas to Mexico about 3 weeks behind and more, But my surgen said he probably wont dare put me under to go under the knife for another two weeks. Lol I prayed and asked if I realy needed knee surgery this morning, and I think I received my answer very profound, on the way back to the temple I slipped on some ice and something "popped" in my knee, and now it is pretty painful to walk! So ya, I will probably be here for awhile, and Guess what, I am just fine with that! I think there are some people here I still need to meet.

Well enough about me, how is everyone doing? I got Emily her letter written today (she is the only one who has written me) and Mom I wrote to you. By the way Emily has the FHE lesson this next Monday! Ben Congrats on State, wow you did twice what I could not do once :) I always new you are the man, keep up the good work partner! Emily wow STATE! That is awesome! Please don't feel like you let down anyone! You guys are awesome! How is Heidi doing, out of the hospital I hope! I need and update on that situation! How is her knee doing?

When Is the baby coming!! I want pics realy bad of my knew nephew (Just so I can see the kid I am going to be the BEST uncle to) Dallas and Jaycie thank you so much for the cards! They are awesome! And thank you for that talk! I also would realy realy realy apprieciate someone sending me the Family pic from Dallas's wedding! I need one of the whole Family!! And, will someone tell Eric to let me know what is going on with him! That would be very nice!

Well lets see Thanksgiving is tomorrow we are going to be making firstaid kits for kids and spend the night with someone from the first presidency! Hope your Thanksgiving is great. O, I need stamps very bad by next week? If you could that would be very great!

Well everything is going well my zone is awesome and I feel great (except breathing :) ) It is overrated anyway! I can't wait to hear from each of you! Ben please tell me about the season, and your future plans!

I love you all very Much,
Elder Adam K. Paul

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