Friday, June 26, 2009

January 26, 2009

Family baptism - Elder Paul is the tall WHITE one.
Dirty after a day's service

At least they clean up well.

"Look, Mom. This is what happens when a person walks fifteen miles a day."

Pooped out companion.

"Got me a soda and I'm good to go!"

"My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!" (The Princess Bride)

"Now whatcha gonna do, Senior Montoya?"

"Check out these wheels. I can tell you one thing, this ain't what the missionaries in Mexico drive!"

"Make my nephew an Angels fan."


Hola Everyone,Well another week already gone! Crazy! So what was Ben doing in Washington D.C.? That is crazy with his plain but Im glad to hear everything is working out. Well I thought I got over being sick, but on Friday night, it hit me way worse. I have tried not to let it get in the way of work, but we have had to make stops to the bathroom MANY MANY times a day. It has not been to fun. I even had to go to the bathroom at an investegators house, and then found out NO TOILET PAPER! THe rest is quite a story, but lets just say I am very creative! lol But, every missionary says it happens a few times, so I am getting that out of the way.

We are still having alot of success and I have finally realized that my spanish is coming along, slowly, but coming along. Today we were sitting in a Sisters house and she turned to me and talked, and I just answered without even thinking, CRAZY. Especialy when I think of my first day there, just looking at someone when they spoke to me with a stupid look on my face :)! But, I am now able to teach the whole first lesson with my companion and the people can actually understand what I am telling them.

I don´t know if I told you this but I have had two companions for the last three weeks, but one of them just got changed, so it will just be me and my dad for the next 6 weeks here. My companions are way cool, and very fun.

The people here in Mexico are just amazed that I can play the piano. They have a brand new piano in the church, but no one could play. So I sat down one day and just started playing, the bishop ran in with such a grin on his face. IT was funny, they think I play so well, and ya, I can´t!! haha

I hope Heidi is doing better, tell her I love her! Dallas and Jaycie thank you for the pictures of Ashton! They are awesome. >It is good to hear everything is going well, BUT Yankees? I thought you would want to raise Ashton in the way of the Lord..... THE ANGELS!!! :D

Other than that everything is going well, I am still losing weight, but hopefully that stops soon!


I it good to hear about the job offer from Dr. Parry. I am not going to tell you at all one way or the other, but I do want to share a little of what I have learned thus far, and I would encourage you to read the section in preach my gospel on recognising the spirt. Make sure you do take this to prayer and be open to recieve an answer, and make sure to follow with reading the scriptures, you truley can find all the answers in them, it is amazing. Also the lord does not always jsut give you a clear cut answer, sometimes we have to make a deccission and then bring that deccission to the lord in prayer. We have to do our part! Don´t think for a second that if you take that job you are throwing away what you have done to become a sub! You have made us all very proud, and I think you have also proven to yourself how well you have done, and that you truley are capable of anything and everything. Be ready mom to look search pray, and read to find your answer, and Make sure dad helps you aswell with it!

I love you all so very much,
Elder Paul

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