Friday, June 26, 2009

December 3, 2008

Hello Family,Good news I am almost all better. I have stopped coughing up blook and I am only on two medacines now. I was cleared on Monday to get surgery this coming Monday. I saw the surgen and he thinks there may be ligament damage, so please pray for me.

So I know Dallas and Jaycie have not graced us with the presence of Ashton yet because I know I will recieve an Epistle from you all when it does happen (Hint Hint) Well lets see what has happened this week.

I got my hair cut. It is shorter than it was when I was born. But, good news I wont have to get another hair cut on my mission. Lets see Elder Gray and I have 12 new elders coming in our zone today! That is alot for one week! And, Visas are still a huge question mark. Mexico is about 3 weeks behind on visas and are planning on closing down for December.

So still ahve not recieved a package from home! :( I am hoping for one soon. (Hint Hint)

Well lets see, I don't think much else has happened this week, we have started mostly talking in spanish so that is cool, and We went in to give the second lesson in spanish, and the guy went off about tithing. It was crazy I didn't realize i knew that much spanish.

Well I love you all verry much, and will probably be calling home before and after surgery! Sorry if my letters next week are crazy I will be on pain killers. So sorry about that!

I love you all very much,

Elder Adam paul

P.S. I am out of stamps, so only was able to write Heidi. I will write everyone else next week, and would realy apprieciate a letter from BEN! He has not written me anything! Also tell Eric to stop being dumb and write me!

P.S.S. So I brought 50 dollars with me and through buying medacines, and two of my meals, and doctor visits I am out. So i can't get any stamps or envelopes, and I need at least 100$ when I fly out I guess. So ya, just letting you know! I love you very very much! :)

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