Saturday, June 20, 2009

October 22, 2008

So Two weeks down. It is crazy how time goes here! I feels like I have been here for like months and months but also feels like the time is flying by! It is way crazy. Well as you heard my knee has been hurting. It is way swollen and huge, but the MRI showed nothing is to torn up. I may have to get it drained though. And the front tenden is pulling from the bone so that is kinda sore, but no pain no gain rite!

Well lets see. I love you all very much. I want everyone of you to know that you are all individually in my prayers every night! SO I need pictures very bad! I hope you can get them here by next week! I need all those pics uncle jonathan took of our family and me and ben and the girls and stuff. Also, could you ask debby about some football pics? Some of the guys want to see em. Thanks! SO how is everyone.

Well I just went back to the doctor and found out that I have to get an X-ray now! :( He keeps moving it and he can feel it grinding. But, they said mission insurance will cover it so no worries.

So I do have to say that I am keeping my promise. I got a nice long letter from Ben and Dad, So I wrote them both back nice long letters, you should get on Friday. By the way I gave Ben a lesson I want him to teach in Family Home Evening Monday. I hope you guys are doing very well on reading your Book of Mormon. I tell you what, it can realy change your life and your outlook on life. So football,and Volleyball how are they going? Still have not heard from Emily or Heidi! I hope I do soon.

So we had more new guys come today! Man it is crazy how many missionaries come. About 300 every week! And it takes alot of food to feed us all, I tell you what everyone enjoy mom's food while you can cuz this proceced stuff realy tares you up! ha So I am scheduled to leave on December 8th. If you guys can pray that the Mexico Visas will start going through. We have alot of Elders who are not able to leave to Mexico yet because Visas are going to slow! So if you remeber keep that in your prayers. I incourage everyone to start a savings account now! Infact Emily and Heidi, I have not brought this up with mom and dad but if you guys save up these next two summers, maybe dad can take you to come get me! :) We will see it is a long time off.

My challenge for everyone this week (Hopefully on Monday) and let Ben teach you a lesson on our Heavenly Fathers love. It will be great. Then have some brownies or something. Well I am great and hope to hear from all of you, I have to go because I only have about 3 minutes left.I love you all very much, Remember you are all in my prayers,

The Apostle Paul

P.S. Don't forget don't email me back just do dearelder.

P.S.S. Forward to Josh and Dallon???

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