Friday, June 26, 2009

January 12, 2009

Hello Everyone,

It was realy good to get Heidi´s letter and yours mom! Everything here is going very well, although we had to delay a few baptisms. So hopefully we will get the water to work in the baptism font, and do those 5 baptisms this week. We also baptised another guy. His name is Rohellio and his wife was a member. They are a very nice couple, and very funny. I got sick from the food for my first time this week. It was not too fun! I tried not to let it slow me down much, but we had to stop by our house alot! Finally that night my companion called the wife of our mission president, and she told me she wanted me just to rest for a bit. SO i did for a few hours and was able to get some liquids in me. Ya it wasn´t to fun :) I have now lost a total of 35 pounds since I have gotten on my mission, and had to make another whole in my belt! CRAZY!

People love to see how stong I am, and the kids here are way crazy. THey love to hang all over me, And a few of them are pick pockets! lol Next time you send me a package could you send some chocolates, like little bite size candys? They go nuts over it here. Infact in the candy shop they are always locked up in a case! lol But, yesterday we got a ride with Rohellio to go over to the church. On the way he got a flat tire on his truck. So we got the privlage of changing it. He didn´t have a jack so....... I was able to lift the back up hi enough to get a plank under it. Lets just say, my muscles are very sore today!!!! BUt, we got it changed, and didn´t get ran over!! People´s driving here is crazy! THey don´t realy follow any traffic rules!!

It sounds like Eric is doing well. Could you make sure he is getting my e-mails? And, let him know that the least he can do with that amazing laptop he has, is e-mail me back! COuld you send me a pic of The girls as well. Feel free jsut to e-mail them to me! How did the baby blessing go? I could aslo use some pics of little Ashton. How are Dallas and Jaycie, are you sending them my e-mails.

I´m sorry to hear that Grandad was not doing so well, I have been praying for him constantly! Please let them KNow that I love them.

So lets see, oh two days ago we were walking down the street and someone trying to be funny, threw a beer bottle at me as he drove by, and got beer all over my leg. It was realy crazy bad timing because we had an appointment rite then to teach about the work of wisdom. I think they were making a weird face during the lesson, because they could smell the alcohol.

Well the language is..... slowly.....coming. I am going crazy not being able to just say anything that I want. But, I can now walk up to someone on the street, chat with them and get to know them, and then aks about coming over to share a message with them. And, usually then say yes. I have realy been focusing on getting a spanish accient as well, and me companion says its starting to get there. lol Now I just have to be able to role me Rs!!!!


How is everything going as princible, is it keeping you busy? I hear you forgot your aniversary :D Good thing you have suck a forgiving and loving wife! Hey did you remeber to go and caulk that power plug on the side of the house? Please make sure that someone does that! Man I miss doing stuff like that, but I did get to fix our toilet today, so that you dont have to stick your hand in the water in the back to flush it :S But, most houses are like that.


It sounds like you are doing very well. How is the subing going? I hope the kids treat you much better than I used to be with subs! How is your book going!? Have you heard anything about the movie?


Hey bro. Still no letters huh? It is as easy as getting on the computer and sending an email bro! I would love to hear from you some time. So what are you doing lattely? SO what are your thoughts on a mission? I know it is such a hard deccission, and I hope you know that the decission is up to you! Do it for yourself and for the lord, but if you are going to go, then GO! don´t hang on the fence, either go or don´t. BUt, I can already tell you, and Dalla´s will tell you, there is nothing better you can do. I already would not trade my mission for ANYTHING and I have only been here for two weeks! I love you bro, and can´t wait to hear from you!


What is up! Same thing goes for you, and know you have time withought basketball to send me a e-mail. So how is the puppy doing? You should send me a pic of it in your email, this WEEK! So have you been reading your scriptures, I hope you have, they realy have every single answer it is amazing! Is math going better. It is funny, you don´t like having math, and I am going nuts without it. I still sometimes have to do some equations just to settle down. But keep up the good work. I love ya em.


Hey how is it going? How is basketball treating you! iT is good to hear that you are working realy hard. Make sure to always give a 100% to everything you do!! So are you keeping away from the boys? (Especcially the older ones!!) I don´t want to have to beat up anyone as a return missionary, just keep that in mind :) I hope all is going well, and thank you very much for all your letters. I lvoe you!

Well I love you all and hope you all know that You are always in my prayers, and the prayers of many others here in Mexico!


Elder Paul

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