Friday, June 26, 2009

November 19, 2008

Hey everyboday,

I have to apologize i have been on lots of meds and have been asleep almost all p-day, asleep and in the hospital... So that is why this is not gonig to be too long. I only have about ten minutes to write this so here goes. I have not been able to learn much this week. I have been in and out of the hospital and doctor all week. IN the end i have double pnamonia and a infection in my neck. I wrote Jen before I had to take drugs and explained everything in her letter. I asked her to call you (she should get the letter Friday) and let you know what has happened with me day to day. Please let everyone know that I love them and tell Emily that I will write her a full letter next week, thank her for her letters, they have helped me through alot of hard times. Thank you everyone for your prayers, I think I may be finally starting to get better :S

I'm sorry that this letter is not as up and peppy as usuall, I am trying very hard not to let any of this phase me, but I do feel like I have been knocked down pretty low. Please everyone keep praying for me, your prayers help me very much, and I need them more than ever. I hope all is well from home and can't wait to get all the letters I know that you will send this week.

Incase you sent any DearElders I did not get any this week, only Emily's letters. Maybe try maiking a new accound with new names. Please tell the bishop and his wife thank you for their letters. And that I will write them back as well soon. Mom do you know if the Jack's got the thank you card? Did dallas and Jaycie get me letter? Did you get my P Blessing. I don't know if any of my letters from last week got delivered so I am very very worried so please let me know as soon as you can.

I love you all you are all in my prayers. Please always rember that we are giving trials for reasons, wether it is being sick, struggling, or losing a game. God knows each of us, and he knows we can all grow from our trials.

Again, all my love!
Elder Paul

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