Friday, June 26, 2009

March 23, 2009

Hello Family of mine!

It is me Elder Paul. Nuestro zone leaders told us that if we wanted to email we could wake up at 4 to get everything done. SO that is what we did. We have been working like crazy this month. And, finally have been able to see the results of our work. In our small ward we have a usuall attendence of about 45 people. Yesterday we had 90 people in church!! It was amazing. SOme of the members even cryed! We are so excited to be seeing things coming along. And are hoping for 7 baptisms on Saturday. SO keep them all in your prayers please.

It is realy hard to think of things to write about the week, because all these last 4 weeks have been a blur! But here is a little comedy for you. My Comapanion asked me the other day what kind of çgirl i want to marry. I explained a little bit, the things i want my wife to be like. THen asked him what he wanted. He said," like nephi I want a virgin more fare than total!" I let him know that nephi never said that and then he proved me wrong. He had me read (if you can grab a book of mormon realy quick so you can read along) 1 Nefi 11;10 and then read in that same chapter verse 15. I thought it was pretty great. SO as you can see he has a humor like i do!I know scarry!

Ya mom, if you could send those inserts and a journal that would be great! My shoes are getting to looking pretty sad, so I can´t wait to see what they look like in a year and a half. Also if you could send some allergy meds that would be great. THey don´t have any here, all they have are shots they sail on the street S:! So That would be awesome, just the store brand of zertec. and if you could some bite size candy bars. The kids here are crazy about them, but they dont realy have it here!

Ok, so I did have an expericence this week unlike any other. We were eating in the house of one of the members, and the meat she served was delicous. It looked like chicken, but had a gamey taste to it. When she finished she asked if we liked it and I told her it tasted amazing and asked what it was. She let me know that it was RAT!! Ya, Rat!! Crazy, but she said that her husband got it in the moutains, so it is safe! Ya so I guess that is my big experience for the week!

Well I love you all, and you are all always in my prayers. How is Eric doing. I had a crazy cool dream the other day.

I love you all,

Elder paul

P.S. Emily and Ben, I would love to hear from you.

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