Friday, June 26, 2009

March 16, 2009

Well we almost didn{t have time to email today, but we ended up giving up doing our dark clothes to come because, most likely we will not have time next week. I was way excited, until I saw that i did´t have hardly any emails. So this will probly be short.

Heidi that is awesome with going to playoffs! Keep up the good work girl!

Well lets see this week I found out that I am very allergic to one kind of fish! It was pretty crazy. But a double dose of benadryl cleared everything up.

We also found lots of oppurtunities for service this week including painting a house. Well the reason I probly wont have time to email next week is becasue I am a witness at a marriage of one of our investagators. She had a boyfriend living with her, and when we told her to be baptised she had to get married, she set everything up for it.

Well I do get letters if anyone wants to. THey are nice to get. Grandpa and Grandma write me every about two weeks, and I have gotten letters from Dallas and Jaycie, and DearElders as well.

Well I am gonig to end with a quote that I read this week by Elder Bednar:

"When we choose to do wrong we have forgotten who we realy are, a child of god! When you come to understand this you will not violate the law of chastity or any other commandment."

I love you all, and Please still write an email for next week, incase we do get a chance to email,


Elder Paul

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