Friday, June 26, 2009

March 9, 2009

Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing? I am doing pretty good. I got to baptise a man yesterday, and that is always such a very great experience, but, we had 6 baptisms cancell yesterday, because the preacher of the church found out that his members were going to be bauptised, I don{t know what he told them, but.... ya it is way way sad!

Well we have been working like crazy this last week, and are going to be keeping it up all this month with no realy brakes, I love it! It is so fun to get lost in the work, and boy oh boy am I still losing weight. I don{t know if you can tell in the photos, but I realy am skinnier, I have added three new holes to my belt now, and from the time I entered the MTC I have gone down 6 holes on my belt, and have to now fold my pants over.

I have two quotes I read this week that I thought were pretty great. Both of them are from Pres. Monson. The first one is about when we want to try to accomplish something. He said "Pray as though everything depended on God, and then Work as though everything depended on you!" The other was about food storage, he says " We want all our members to have a year supply of food, and be debt free, but we have seen alot of members have taken this councill in reverse and have a years supply of debt, and are food-free!"

Well in this little bit of time It is hard to write much, but I promise I will write a realy long email in April, and Will call in MAY!!

Oh my companion said to tell you that I am the first of his companions from the United States who has gone two months without any packages from home :( Lol He just wanted to let everyone know, and by the way I do get letters too. I have gotten grandma and grandpas and Dallas and Jaycies, as well as DearElders! The pouch mail is pretty good here tombien.

Well Thanks for all the letters, Heidi is still the best with writing me, and Ben didnt again :,( and Emily, I don{t think the one line counts as an email! And since you are still the only one who has not given me a full email about what is going on, I have a song dedicated for you!!

Please everyone listen to emilys song, and all the words. And emily, hopefully you email me this week!

Heidi and Family, You need to read the Lessons we teach in Preach My gospel. They are all in Chapter three, all of your answeres to your questions Heidi are there!

I love you all very much,

Elder Paul

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