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December 17, 2008

Hello Everyone,Well this week has been very eventful again :). I ended up going to the Emergency on Thursday night because my doctor was afraid I had blood clots. They found some small ones and put me on blood thinner. Well the blood thinners tripped me out BIG TIME! My head was constantly spinning, and my eyes could not focus on anything. On Saturday morning I started throwing up and was not able to keep anything down until Monday morning. It was..... an expierience! :D. Well then the blood thinners made my knee bleed alot, so that was no fun either.

I know this is sounding very bleek, but I don't feel it at all! I have been so very blessed through this whole experience. I have also been working very hard at physical therapy. They said I set a new record on the stair machine. Though I am very sore now, I have seen my hard work pay off. I was able to get off crutches in jsut about 4 days, and am now walking with no problem. I get to see my surgen on the 24 of this month, and will be released then. I may be heading to Leon as soon as the 26th!!! and no latter than the 31st! But, it is looking like it will be the day after Christmas. Feel free to write a letter to Leon, and please everyone write me now that Christmas is here. As far as I know DearElder is working, so feel free to let me know how Christmas Prep is going.

Well here in the MTC I have started my third companionship in the MTC. They were struggling alot, but I think we are on track now, I have helped them get thier planning down, and I make sure we Study, Study, Study. So that is good. It is wierd I am the only one in my district, so I guess I am now a District Leader??

Well We had a devotional on Tuesday with Elder Pace of the Seventy. It was awesome. One of my favorite things that he said was, "People often try to say, Jesus was not the savior just a good man, and a good teacher. Jesus taught us new commandments, how to live, and said he is the son of God. Either Jesus is the Christ, or he is a liar. There is no middle ground." I realy liked this because I have heard many people say he was a good teacher, but not the redeemer. I also liked in a devotional a few weeks ago they talked about getting along with others. He said that we often wish the other person did things like us. Well.... "If everyone was as good as you, then you would just be average, and that is NO fun at all!"

Well other than that I have spent alot of time in the RC. This is were people who have questions about the Church get online and ask questions. It is a very fun and neat expierence.

My spanish is still slow, but it is coming. I had about a 20 minute converasation last night with a man who spoke no english. Though it was slow I was able to have a conversation. I also get to play as a investagator for spanish missionaries alot, and let them teach me different lessons and principles. It is a fun experience to be on the other side of the lessons!

Well other than that we are just getting ready for Christmas. They have put up Christmas Lights, and there is a nice blanket of snow everywere! It is very COLD!! I am excited to get down to the weather in Mexico.

Please Tell Dallas and Jaycie congrats on Ashoton, but i still have not gotten any pictures of my new nephew yet! Also tell Eric Hi and give him my love! It would be awesome if you can get me those pictures I asked for before I leave, which could be any day! I love you all so very much, and hope you know how much I love being able to devote all my time to serving our savior! It is a time and a chance of a Life time! I love our Savior and I know that he has a deep personal love for each and everyone of us. As this Christmas Season approaches let us all focus and ponder on the True meaning of Christmas! Best wishes, and a very Merry Christmas!

I love you all,

Elder Paul

P.S. Mom and Dad I will need that money in my accound soon if possible! Thank you so very much! :)

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