Friday, June 26, 2009

February 9, 2009


Well another week is gone! Crazy. So as of yesterday I have officially been on a mission for 4 months! Crazy 1/6 of my mission is gone! Well lets see how well I can remeber this week..

Well we had one mother and her daughters baptised last Sunday. We went to there house and they asked us to sing. We sang lots and lots of songs for them, alot of them I sang in english and Elder Herrera sang in Spanish. The spirit was AMAZING!

Lets see I was teaching on lesson and was talking about Christ attoning for us. I meant to say Christ will pay for them (our sins), if we follow him. This is said "Y Él los pagará, si nosotros le sigimos." But I said " Y Él los pegará, si nosotros le sigimos!" This means Christ will punch them if we follow him. Ya, THey had a pretty shocked face! My companion quickly corrected me!

Lets see, we also went out to eat chinese food for lunch one day with some members. It made me laugh, because chinese food was so different here. They had lots of potatos in everything. Lots of Jalapeños, and many many other things much much different. It is just so funny how different cultures have such different takes on foods! And it is amazing the ammount of food they expect you to eat here! I´m suprised I am not a blimp yet!

After that they took us to meet there non member friend at the park. When we got there they had a big bag of tortilla dough and we were able to feed ducks, I will send some pics of it!

So the little girls here are so funny. They are always so supprised to see a big huge white guy here, and they just stare and smile and giggle. It is way fun, the kids here are awesome! And alot of them, beg us to come talk to there parents, and there parents have their kids show off their English. It is funny because all though they are speaking english I usually have no idea what they are saying!

So Elder Herrera and I had a pretty cool experience with prayer. We were trying to plan a few nights ago, and just could not figure out what we needed to do the next day. Suddenly he said crap elder we didn{t pray first. I had totally forgotten. We prayed and it was like both our minds were cleared! IT was Awesome!

I heard you have finished the scriptures, that is awesome! I love reading the scriptures and I realy do love truly getting into them. I seriously laugh and cry with the scriptures. I know that sounds funny but its true. Like awhile back I was reading about cain and Able. And it is so sad, but it kinda makes me laugh when God is like Cain were is Able, and Cain is like I dont know :S. For some reason I kept picturing God being like, "Ok is that seriously your answer? You realize there is only one person in the spirit world after death and its your brother! So lets try again, Were is he!?"

Ya I am very imaginative, but it realy helps me get into the scriptures.

What is going on with the laptop? I bought a one year warrenty, so that is up I think, but I thought there was an extended 3 year parts warrenty. THe disks, should be in my stuff somewere in a little small cd case. IF he wants he can follow the steps on those and reload everything. Just be sure to save anything he needs on something else. There are two of them and they say HP something on them.

Well that is mostly it, oh ya, so Here in my area Españita (if you want to look it up it is in the city of San Louis Potosi, and is north of Léon) The record for baptisms in a month is 6. Well So far this month we have met that record, and it realy looks like in the next two weeks we are going to be able to double it! YES!!

I love you all very much

Elder Paul

Can you send like 30$ for a memory card?

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