Friday, June 26, 2009

June 8, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well this letter may be a little short, I am realy realy worn out! Lol my companion and are working our buns off! Litteraly! But, Ill talk aobut that in a little bit.

So first off I think I told your about the 358 baptisms in the Month of may. So we got to look at our numbers over the last year and last year we had 74 baptisms in May! Isnt that crazy how much things can change in just one year!!!

Well lets see oh ok I have had the chance of a lifetime this last week. There is a man who lives in our ward his name is Doc. Adàn. He is one of 25 people in the world who knows how to read and write in old hebrew, as well as egyptian, and mayan, aztecia. And all those other languages. Well he gives lessons to people free on how to read and write in hebrew. So poeple learn to read the torrah. Well the cool part is after pèople can read and write in old hebrew, they can understand all the ancient languages here in the americas. Well last night was the last night of the 4 month classes, so we missionaries were invited. Well his last lesson is on all the signs of christ in america. All the ancient writings here in the americas are in ancient hebrew and talk about christ who came and visited here. He then tells everyone aside from these ancient texts, there is only one other book that talks about this visit of christ. The book of Mormon. He explains much hebrew in this book, and gives one to every student, and encourages them to pray about it. Afterwards we past to the front and they all can ask us questions.

Well by the end of the night we had 4 people who want to be baptised about directions of the rest for missionaries to visit them. It was amazing what this man is doing for free for the poeple and for the mission work. He has about 40 years studying all these things and is very very smart. Well he also is kinda wealthy. He told me when I return home, he would like to organize a week long seminar with all the people who would be interested in our town and in las Vegas!!! He said he will pay for everything, just needs good dinners! I was thinking maybe me and Dad could organize that for him to come down. It realy is amazing. I talked to him for about 2 hours, and can already understand parts of the torrah!

Well besides that the area is already starting to improve. We have not only been knocking LOTS of doors, but also visiting the less active members. So this last sunday we had 99 people in the church. This is much better than the 57 the week before. As well as 6 investagators. So it is always great to see the work start to be rewarded!!

Please keep me in your prayers, and always rember you are all always in mine!


Elder Paul

Hey just so you know, my address is always the same. THe address you have is to the mission house, and they give us our packages and letters! So you never have to worry about getting new ones. Also I did get your package, thank you very much. But, I do realy realy need my white pants for baptising!! So I dont know maybe if you were thinking about sending a birthday package you can send it early??? And if you want through american foods and candys in :) Im sorry to always ask so much, but i realy need those pants if you can!

I love you,

Elder Paul

Hey sister.I cant believe you are going to be a big senor. I heard ben embarressed you pretty good the other day! lol that is great! Hey can I ask you a favor sis. Can you go on my myspace, and update everything. Tell everyone were Im at, my adress, my email, and put in pictures of my mission that you guys have! tHAT would be great Emi Poop. my user name is. and my password is umm... i think it is 1jenshot (dont laugh its from like 9th grade)!!

Love you sis. How are things going at home? how are you and heidi getting along? HOw are the parents. Please fill me in on everything!!! Oh and always remeber. Elder Paul es tu rey! El es el rey del mundo. Tu vas hacer todo posible para tener la felicidad de tu rey. Y yo estoy seguro que tu quieres saber que estoy deciendo!! jaja

Lol you can ask dad what that says. Also do you all read my emails or just mom? O and how do you like the pics! Ive lost 70 pounds baby, and am looking sexy!

Love ya,

Elder Paul

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