Friday, June 26, 2009

May 18, 2009

Hey,It is me again!

Well I am doing great! First off Mom I want you to know how proud of you I am! Not only graduating with a 3.9 from College but the premere speaker as well! (Sorry for my spelling , I know it is worse than it was when I was still speaking english!) Man so i just realized ben has his graduation in just like 2 weeks. It blew my mind. I remeber being out on the trampoline with him playing ninja or things like that. It just is crazy to think that we are growing up :(!

Ok, well I wrote down a few things this week so that I could try and write some storries! Well first off I got another marriage offer from a 15 year old pregnant girl. After telling her that it was not possible, she started to cry! I felt realy bad, but now she always calls me beautiful eyes. It is realy weird, but I think we are going to baptise her and her mom soon!

Now for my most apostacy moment of the week. It is pretty crazy the things people start to believe when they dont have the truth. Well the greatest this week was a picture. It had a picture of Jesus on the cross (smiling) with the virgin marry standing over him, holding his arms? Don`t ask me were they get this stuff!!

Ok and now for the most imbarrising momnet of the week. Well I dont know if you all know this but I like to zone out alot. Well I was talking to one of our converts about her sister, but wasnt realy paying attention to what I was saying to here because I was listening to my companion talking to someone else. Well I wanted to say "Your sister is always very happy" but as I was saying it my companion started talking about a show here that is called ugly girl. And so not paying attention i said " YOur sister is always very ugly!" Ya I dont think she was expecting it because everyone spit there drinks out! OOPS!!

Ok and now for my other storry of the week. So we were at church yesterday, and two of my old investagators were there. I have not seen them for about 2 months so I was realy surprised. Well he told me that he is going to be moving to Canada this Thursday. After he told me, noone has touched his life like me, and he would like me to baptise him and his wife this Wednesday! It was realy exciting, It is amazin how powerful the spirit can work!

Ok, lol I have three requests mom for my package. ONe is a cheap watch. My third one has broken now, and I cant wear my other one because it is too big :( And the other one is athletes foot spray! And my last request,..... PLEASE send it!! lol I realy miss packages lol! But thank you and I love you!

AS well as I think there is a problem with my bank account. I told you that there was only 300 pesos in it (About 20 dollars) and you said you put in 60. Well I checked it the other day and it said I have -130 pesos??

Ok well I have to go soon, but I would realy like a letter from everyone! Especially you BEN!!! O and by the way bro, when you buy shoes for your mission dont buy from wolverine because, mine have fallen apart, and I have had to have the whole soul sown back on!

Well I love you all!

Elder Paul

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