Friday, June 26, 2009

April 13, 2009

Hola familia!

Well Mexico is great! Can you believe it, we celabrated my 6 months this past Wed. Wow is that crazy or what I have 6 months already, and it seems like the days just keep speeding up!

Well lets see what I can remeber of this week. Well I will start with the bad. ONe of the older guys in our ward had to go to the hospital. He asked us to visit him so we did. Well I wont explain all about it, but just be very greatful for what we have in the United States. Because here there are beds on the floor, flies in the food, and ya! Just please be greatful!

Now for the awesome storry. Last Sat. We started to talk to a man, who had many many problems. He is a tatoo artist, a drug adict, smokes, drinks, and was struggling. We started to teach him, and his change has been incredible. He has stopped doing tatoos and only draws out designs for clothing now! He also has stopped with all drugs, we went with him and burried his ciggaretts, as well as his alcohl. His hardest problem was cigarttes. but we wipped up our tabaco cucoxion and he too does not like to smoke any more. (I dont know if i told you about the cigarette fix we have learned. You take one ciggarte and make a tea with it, using boiling water. After the person drinks it. There is also another way, it is to make a shake out of the ciggarte. When they do this they get a bad taste in the mouth from pure ciggartte, and then after you have them smoke one ciggarte. They usually throw up, and ya, usually they dont want any more!) Pretty cool huh! Well this guy was in church yesterday, all dressed up nice, got a hair cut, took out all his pearcings, and has read about 1/4 of the book of mormon this week! It realy is amazing how prepared some people are!

Well other than that, I am going to be recieveing a new companion this week. I am a little bit nervous because he has 20 months and everyone says he has given up. But ya I am excited for the chance to whip him in shape, and brake my old record of baptisms with him! :) But, ya, that means that I may not have quite as long to email, as well as I think we are going to do May of sacrafices as well!

Well to finish, I guess I will tell a little joke. We started talking to a Testigo (A jehovas witness) about a few things, and he brought up polygamy and how bad it is. We explained a little bit about Abrahm, jacob, and other prophets of the bible with more than one wife. He was a bit stumped, and then my companion (loving jokes) said everything in this world is polygamy. look at your hand! You have 1 hand with 5 fingers!!! Ha I found it pretty funny!

Well I love you all! Mom have you been able to send the package, or money to sned my package or any of that? I didnt get to hear from you, but I think it is fair time, so that is understandable! But love to hear from you all!Oh... it was sad, they dont realy have easter here:(


Elder Pablo!
(My new name here!)

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