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October 29, 2008

Hola Familia!

How is everyone? I do have to say that I was a bit surprised that I did not recieve any letters from my imidiate family this week? How has everything been? How was Ben's and Emily's games? Is Heidi getting ready for basketball? How are Dalla's and Jacie doing? How is the pregnancy coming along? How is Eric and how are the girls? (Mom will you make sure they get my letter? And then show them how to use DearElder? Well I figured if you guys didn't write because you didn't know what to write about now you would have something!

So this week has been crazy! On last Thursday I was asked to be a zone leader! It is crazy I have not even been a district leader :S. Then they went on to tell Elder Gray and I that they have never called anyone in this zone ever this early in the MTC. We will be zone leaders for the next six weeks! It is a fun experience that definatly keeps us busy! We have about 6 districts in our zone after today. That is 60 people! Wow, but we do a good job of hugging everyone everynight and holding lots of "interviews" with everyone.

So I found out after my MRI and X-ray that nothing was "wrong" with my knee. But, it was still killing me. I told them I'd just live through it but they sent me to a sport surgen. He took one look at my MRI and found a good size tear, along with some floties in there. So I am doing two weeks of physical therapy to strengthen my knee and then should be going in for a simple scope. I have been promised that if i am good about following all my after surgery rules it will heal very quick. So that will be good to get that taken care of.

Mom, I don't know if you remeber but at Moutain America Credit union all we did was pay off the loan. You and dad are on my Bank of America Bank Account. I hope all is well. Please send this letter to Grandpa and Grandma. I am out of stamps and don't get my 4$ allouance till after tonight. Tell them that I am glad they are doing well, and that I love them very much!

So We have learned to teach the Plan of Salvation this week. We go to a place were we teach volunteers. We had to have a 30 minute conversation with them about anything they want. It was a great experience. I said some stuff that I didn't even think I knew how to say. After that we taught the lesson, it is the last one that we get to do in English. It was cool. We taught twice, Elder Gray and I know the docterine very well, and just taught with the docterine, all though it went ok and we "taught" everything, it just didn't seem quite there. So we prayed about it and decided that we needed to teach the lesson with none of our notes, and let the spirit take part. We did, we bore our testimonies on everything and how they had helped us in our lives, and gave examples of it in our life. At the end the guy we were teaching had a tear in his eye. He told us he could not believe the spirit he could feel as we taught. He said this was better then any docterine he could have learned.

One of the example that I used was amazing, I don't know were it came from, but it worked very well. It was about the attonment. I asked him to imagine one of his best friends asked him to help him with a project he could not do himself. Picture that you tell him you will help him and you go and help with part of the project, putting all of your heart and mind into it. After you spend days doing this part of your project your friend ignores it and does not use it, and does his own thing. How would you feel? He said he would feel betrayed. I told him this is exactly rite, We asked Christ before we came here to help us with something we could not do ourselves. Christ agreed to help and even gave up his life for it. We need to show we appreciate what he did for each and every one of us, by accepting his attonment. We do this by gaining faith in Christ, repenting, being baptised, receiving the Holy Ghost, and INDURING TILL THE END!

Elder Gray and I are also having the oppurtunity to talk to two people in the RC. This is were people call from all over the world you have any questions about the church. One of them is named Lindsey. She is the sweetest girl! She has been prepared by the lord. She allowed us to send her a Book of Mormon and the missionaries. We are going to get the chance to talk to her again on Monday to see how everything went! The reason she had questions was because of the example of her LDS friends. People ARE watching us. Be the Example that you need to be!

So was Ben able to teach family home evening on Monday? Tell him that i was expecting a letter back! Well I love you all very much! I hope all is going very well! Ending I would like to say a line from a song. At the end of the devotional on last night (Elder L Tom Parry spoke to us) we sang I believe in christ! One line that stood out said "Come What May", Come what may, I believe in Christ, he is our lord, may we always rember this. He will help us through the Great times and the Hard.

I love you all so very much,

Elder Paul

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