Friday, June 26, 2009

June 1, 2009

Well hey its emailing time again!

Mom first off Wow am I proud of you! THat is so awesome with all the stuff you were able to do. Man I always new you were a ground braker! The first ever in the history of the college wow! Thanks also for the pictures they were great! It looks like the two smartest of the family graduated at the same time (you and ben)

Talking of ben, how did the grad go? Make sure to send me some pics huh!? Man It is still blowing my mind to think that that kid is graduating! Kinda want to rewind time sometimes, but just keep moving forward i gues!

Well the work here. I will start out with the good news. So the record for the mission Mexico león before was like 230 something baptisms. And a year ago the record was 30 baptisms in a month. Well for the Month of May 2009 we finished with 358 baptisms!! So elder Bednar will be coming to visit the mission on June 19! We will all take a bus early in the morning to León and have about 5 hours with him! It is pretty exciting to see the work progress. As well as we are THE NUMBER ONE MISSION!!! YAY!!

So the work for me now! Wow is it tough! I left my other area with alot of people ready to be baptised. ALl though I do have permission to return to baptise one it looks like I wont be able to see most of them baptised. Well the tough part is coming to this area. It is rite by my old area and they have not had one baptism in about a year! Well I got here and asked my comp what they do and who we have to teach. He let me know there had not been any new inv. for aobut 3 months, and they like to watch movies with the sisters! Well I was pretty shocked. But we have been working like CRAZY this past week and have about 10 inv. rite now. And one should be getting baptised next week. SO hopefully with some good ol hard work we will get everything headed in the rite direction in this area.

Ok well lets see what else this week. Oh so I got to learn a new word this week that I think is pretty funny. So to say "wife" in spanish is "esposa". Well to say "handcuffs" in spanish is "esposa" as well! I thought that was funny. I didnt belive it at first, so I asked a cop here, and he said it as well. Handcuffs are wives!!

Well I love you all,

Elder Paul

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