Friday, June 26, 2009

May 25, 2009

Hey everyone,

So this will probably be pretty short, because I am busy packing up. I just found out I am going to be changing areas. It is pretty exciting, but I am pretty nervous. So as you know my last few companions have not liked to work much. Well I have helped them see the vision again, and we have been working like crazy. Well my zone leader called me and told me they want to see what I can do and are going to change me the other zone, with a guy who has not baptised in about 6 months, and is going to die (go home) soon. So I am excited to see what we can do. Oh, I dont know if I told you. My companion rite now, he has had 6 baptisms his whole mission and has about a year and a half here, well him and I baptised 5 people this month! So that was pretty cool.

Now for the coolest part of my letter. We have been working hard to hit 300 baptisms and.....:: WE DID IT! It is awesome we have 304 rite now, and still have one more week, wich means Elder Bednar will be coming down to visit us next month. I am jumping for joy.

Ok, well lets see Oh I got very very very sick this week. Wednseday night after a baptism I got the double dragon. (That is when it is coming out both ends at the same time) It was not fun. I was pretty much bed riden for about 4 days, and got a temp of about 104. Well, I was feeling better yesterday, so I decided to way myself. Now rember that when I started my mission I weighed in at 310 pounds. I am now at 245 pounds!!! It is nuts I have lost 65 pounds officialy. It is crazy, but it realy does feel good. I am going to send a few pictures today.

Well I love you all, and please write back. It is always way harder to write these letters when you have not written me!

I love you,

Elder Paul

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