Friday, June 26, 2009

February 2, 2009

Holy Cow,

Today was like Christmas Day!! I got to hear from so many of you! It felt so amazing! Man I am so releaved and so happy to hear about Grandad! He is such an amzing man, and I can´t wait to talk to him in 20 months! And i can´t wait to see grandma! How are grandma and grandpa coping with life back in the world!?

Well lets see, my campanion and I had 4 more baptisms this week. We have set a goal of 10 for Febuary! We have to settle with a few less baptisms becasue my spanish still needs some work, and so some people don´t like to listen. But, I can teach the first lesson, and the second! It is cool, I thought I was behind but my district leaders said it takes alot of Elders 6 months to be able to do that alone so thats cool. Spanish is still frustrating. Man, if it is about the gospel and can talk with no problem, but other than that it is pretty hard!! It is hard to imagine someday I will be able to completly speak spanish!!

Hey is there anyway you could send me a wallet size picture of the family and Dallas and Jaicies wedding, please please please. Everyone here wants to see the family!

So I got the oppurtunity to go to seminary this week, lol, it was funny becasue it was alot different and alot the same. We got one girl to go with us, she is 16 and is just funny. She was not to interested in listening, but I started to play the piano and she wanted to learn so i taught her to peck out fur Elise. She is going to now let us teach her!

Oh, I don´t know if I told you, my p-days are on Mondays! just so you know, sso ya that is when I email! O, so I met a Delgadillo the other day who said she knows her sister has kids who live by vegas! Crazy!!

Lets see other than that, o am finally better. And boy has it helped. mY spanish is coming along much much faster now and it is so much easier to share the gospel, without having to .....RUSH THINGS!!! It is crazy 45 pounds gone!!! I think i look the same, but everyone here says they can deffinatly tell!

If you could send me qtips and allergy meds that would be awesome!!

my address is
Elder Adam K Paul
Mision Mexico Leon
Apartado Postal 1-1125
37000 Leòn, Guanajuato , Mexico

So I think that is everything new in my life!


Man I am so excited to hear about you flying, that is awesome! I am planning on getting my licence and a small plain when I get home, so we can fly together bud!! That is awesome. It is way good to hear about school, and boy oh boy do you have a heart of Gold bro! Its awesome that you want to serve people, and someday we can go around as engineer and doctor to help people in other courntries. But, let me tell you what, there is nothing in the world like a mission. I have never felt like I have helped so many people ever in my life. I can already see how hard it is going to be to leave these wonderful people. I know it is a hard decission to make to go, but you will not regret it ever! But, if you decide not to yet, please stay close to the church, it is amzing! I love you bro, and can´t wait to hear back from you!


Well lets see grrgrrgrr! You didn´t even write me AGAIN!!


Since you did write me I will write you! Ya I heard about the dog that is awesome! YOu guys should email me a picture! It is good to hear that you are your good ol self again! how is school going! How is Drue!? Are you keeping Emily away from ALL the boys! YOU BETTER!! It was good to hear from you, and keep taking care of my family!


Heidi how is it going sister! I do have to tell you what you are deffinatly the best at making sure that you email me each week thank you so much! Wow second place, that is AWESOME! And two three pointers man You are going to school me when I get home! I´m sorry about your knee I know how bad that can hurt. ONe thing that realy helped me, is to take Pretape and wrap it tight around my leg rite below my knee and then role it up into a band! SO maybe you can try that. Ok, Heidi, I have been verry worried about you lattley to tell the truth. How is school going. Are you staying away from the boys? Make sure you never ever sell yourself short. Also about anyof your questions about the church. THere was an apostle once at the MTC who asked to hear anyones doubts or questions. To every young man he answered have you read the Book of Mormon. Everyone of them answered know. It realy has every answer and all the help you could ever dream of! Please please work on reading the whole thing. I know it seems long, but when you get into it it is hard to put it down. I have read it 3 times now since October, and wow I love it!! I love you sister!


I got your email. Ya the food is much different here. ANd boy do they love corn tortillas! ha The weirdest things so far has to be Cow, lol or should i say Cow Stomache! It was a chocker to get down and very chewy. Tonight we are going out to eat tortillas for my companions one year aniversery! So that is Awesome they realy are the best. Have you been able to put anymoney away for savings for your trip here? It would mean so much if you could come and see it here. If you could put my tax refund for that that would be great aswell. Were you able to calk that power outlet for the trailor yet? If you guys could put a few dollars in or send me allergy meds that would be awesome! I love you and can´t wait to try to speak spanish with you in May!I love you all very very much!

Keep the letters coming!

Elder Paul

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