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November 5, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Well another week down. It is crazy i have been here a whole month now! So that is pretty crazy! Man zone leader has been fun but has kept me very busy! It is so hard to get to sleep on time, because we go around and tell everyone good night! I love Everyone in my zone though they are awesome! So on last Wednesday Elder Gray and I got our first new district! It was fun to show them around and how and what to do! One of the nuevos (new guys) could not sleep and was not eating for about 4 days. He asked me to give him a blessing. So that night Elder Gray and I gave him a blessing! I had the oppurtunity to give it! It was a very amazing experience! I felt that I needed to tell him that he would sleep and eat from this time on, because of his faith! He came in first thing the next morning and hugged me and cryed! I am so greatfull that I was able to be a tool for our Heavenly Father, and that this Elder felt his love through us!

So this last week was Halloween, it was much different then any Halloween I have ever had. We all dressed Missionaries! Ha, that night we played a halloween spanish game so that was very fun!

I love you all so very much, it has been crazy that I have already been gone a month. They deffinatly know how to keep you busy here! We have moved into all spanish. I tell you what I started feeling that I was getting pretty good at the language, and after about 5 minutes of only being taught in spanish, I was..... Humbled!

Ben congrats on the game! That is awesome that you guys were able to spank them! Emily Keep up the volleyball hard work! Heidi how is school going? So I am a bit sad :'( I still have not been hearing much from you guys. Hopefully that just means that you guys are all just doing so great that you can't find time around that.

I hope you all know that I do pray for all of you guys at least 9 times a day! So good news I am half way through Alma. I made a challenge to myself to read all of the Book of Mormon in English before I leave. In the Spanish Book of Mormon I am only just finishing 1nephi.

I love everyone so much, I hope if all of you get a chance this week that you can all (all meaning each of you) write me! I would realy like to hear from all of you! That is one of my two challenges for everyone. The second challenge is to Work on complimenting each other. I love that our family is very good at joking around, but compliments are always fun too! EMILY!! You have not written me once! you are ditching me agian, just like when I went up and visited you :'(

So if you guys decide to send any packages (Hint, hint) I need finger nail clippers, some pens, some ibeaprofen, some shirts, some stamps. So feel free to send any of that.

I have been doing physical therapy every other day, and should be going in for surgery either on Monday or Tuesday. My 1st councelor to the Branch President is going to do it for me, so hopefully it is in and out! It will be nice for my knee not to lock up any more. Ha on the side as a funny story, everyone loves, especially the nuevos, for me to do pushups with them on my back, or to jerk press them (to pick them up and hold them flat above my head with my arms straight) My record so far is doing pushups with a 190 kid, and doing the jerk press to a kid who ways 305! So that is fun!

Well I love you all so much! I am well, just lonley! I would love to hear from you all!


Elder Paul

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