Thursday, December 3, 2009

November 30, 2009

Well dang this week was realy a blur....

So I think I talked ALOT about my companion last week and how awesome he was, and how well we taught together, our goals, plans, and How much we help eachother. Well I wrote that on Monday, and on Tuesday I got a call at about 7 in the morning that he had to be in the bus station in an hour for special changes. It was realy tough. I guess a bunch of people in San Louis messed up, so they did special changes, and I got a new companion from there.

Well it has been realy tough week though. My companions name is Elder Pickett. He is from up there in Cedar City. I wont lie, I am not to happy to have ANOTHER american companion. Ha, I know that is funny to say but, wow, it realy helps with the learnig the spanish when you are with soemone else who speaks it. Well my new companion is very famous in our mission, because he has had more special changes than anyone. So we did not complete with the goals we had last week, and I am trying to learn ALOT more of the Love of Christ for all!

Other than that we actually did have a thanksgiving party, I will try to send a few pictures after this. We went to a house of some investagators who used to live in the good ol USA, and we had Lasgana and Apple pie. And you will be proud mom I made the apple pie from scratch. And it was AWesome if I do say so myself!So last story, well you see we brought an investagator to the church to teach them there about baptism. Well I asked my new companion to go get a kid from out back who was playing soccer, so he could bare his testimony to this inv. Well my companion (I guess forgetting that we dont play soccer here (One of our rules)) Went out and kicked the ball over the back fence into someone elses property. I walked out to see what was taking him so long just in time to see him jumping over to the other side of the fence. Imideatly I heard a man start yelling and screaming, and a lady came out onto the top balcony, swearing at me!! Well I was worried out of my mind because I could not see my companion now, and these people would not tell me what was going on. And just kept telling me they were going to call the cops. Well to make a long story short, they guy marched into the church fairly drunk, yelled at us, and told us he was going to call the cops. Well he called, and thanks to the awesome police system here, they never showed up! Well, I called the President imidatly afterwards, and recieved my justice. I do know that it was partly my fault, because I should have walked out with him, and so I have an even stronger testimony of why we have rules. But I am very gratefull that this didnt turn out different. And I think the hardest part is that, my companion goes home in a month, and still does not understand ANY spanish. So that made the guy that owened the house behind even angryer! But ya, all is worked out now, and Ya I have learned a great new lesson!

Well I love you all very much, and have a great week!

Elder Paul

P.S. Tell Ashton Happy Birthday, and I cant wait to meet him!
Making apple pies for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving apple pie

Apple pies I made for Family Home Evening yesterday

A free blender I am fixing