Friday, June 26, 2009

June 15, 2009

Hey everyone,

Wow it sounds like it has been a realy tough week. I can´t believe all that has happened. I was so sad to hear about everything, but am very glad all my family is in good health. Mom you talked about how awesome Mormon funerals are but how it still is hard. Kinda reminded me of a line in a movie. It was when Jesus had heard that laserath had died. He new that lasereth would rise again, that he would be ok, but, when the sister told jesus, they all wept together. I like that because like Eric said we know that we will live again, but it is still hard to lose someone we love.

Well this week has been another week full of very hard work. But I think that we are going to start seeing some great results. We broke the record for new Investegators found in one week. We found 30! Oh, man the missionaries need your help there in the valley for teaching lessons. Mom said they teach about 7 a week. Pres. Cox just told us if we are not getting at least 50 lessons a week we are not doing enough! So please help those missionaries there. We had one baptism yesterday. THe lady was a Jehovah´s witness. SO it was awesome because they are always realy hard to talk to. And we are looking forward to a baptism of 11 persons this saturday. That will be exciting, so please pray for them.

So I heard one of the crasiest things I have ever heard in my life the other day. So we have been teaching a lady here and she has been preparing for her baptism. We taught her about the temples, and unlike everyone else she told us we can never come back again. After a bit of prodding she let us know that she had heard we had temples with alters in them. And she knows our secret. That we sacrafice little kids on these alters!!!! Wow it was amazing what some people believe and say about our church!!

Man, so I got realy sick this last tuesday. And you will all laugh at why. So I was brushing my teeth in the morning, and I dont know what I was thinking but I rinsed off my brush with the sink water. Well ya about 4 hours latter I was throwing up pretty good, and ya It wasnt fun!!

Well I hope everyone is well! I love you all very much. Thank you mom for saying you will send those pantss, I need them REALY bad!!

Love you all,

Elder Paul

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