Wednesday, April 28, 2010

March 8, 2010

The spiciest Tacos I have ever seen or eaten in my life! The red stuff is just salsa! The taco is underneath!

Cleaning our baptismal font, because It looked like animals used to live in it! (Took us about 3 hours)

The Power lines are like this here! Ya not really to code!

We bought an acid to help us clean the font. Like my outfit?

Our beautifuly clean font! Sparkling and CLEAN!

So we got a ride from a Truck driver out to a ranch that is like 2 hours away from the city (Still in our area!)

Me asking for a ride, And the truck driver was a member!

This is the ranch Abasolo. It is beautiful, and we found the man who wanted to be baptised too! He is in one of the baptism pictures!

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