Wednesday, April 28, 2010

March 29, 2010

Hey everyone,

Well I am way warn out, it was a realy big week. Well we ended up a little short of our goal of 80 lessons last week only teaching 68, so we are going to try to teach all them this time, so we are going to cut p day short today and go and get a head start! Also we had 4 baptisms this week. They were realy cool. I think I told you about the four brothers we baptised about 2 months ago. Well their mom dad and grandparents finaly accepted, along with there little brother who is 14. So that was realy cool. I have also been keeping realy busy doing baptismal interviews again this week. They are great, i think i have already sayed this, but i love doing interviews, getting to know so many different people, and just being able to testify. They are great. They zone is doing pretty good, we just have one companionship who do not like to work AT ALL. but they should have gotten a call from pres today, so hopefully that will all change.

Lets see other then that, well we had 29 people to take to church, we set up divisions, and three different cars to go get everyone. Well we were waiting sunday morning and only one of the members showed up to help us go get people. So we only ended up being able to bring 9 people to church on Sunday. It is definatly hard not to get upset with the member that said they would help but then didnt, but i guess it just is going to help me learn to forgive! But hopefully next week for General conference we will fill up the church. Did you guys know they let us watch conference in inglish? And this is my last general conference in my mission! Crazy.

Well so this last week my companion and I decided that we were going to do a week of service. I know we are here to serve, but sometimes we focus so much on finding people to teach we forget. So everyday walking we just kept our eyes open. Well some things we have done, are help push LOTs of cars, I have changed the oil in a van. Checked transmission fluid. Fixed a blown tire, fixed a broken door handle on a ford explorer. I fixed a big screen tv, a stereo, and some speakers. We have cleaned a yard, taken out trash and cleaned prches, and one of the big ones, was we went and helped a guy cut down trees! That was actually a cool story, you see we were asking for a ride across town, he told us to hop in. on the ride he told us he had to go to his house to cut down all the trees around. We offered to help and went over. Well we got there to his house and all he had was one ax. Well since my comp could barly pick up the ax, and the other guy got tired realy qick i ended up cutting almost the whole time! But it was way fun. Since it was out on a ranch all the little kids came out to watch the big white guy. They also all laughed becasue they could bairly pick up the huge trunks with they two of them, but i would bring them myself, carrying them above my head, with two little kids hanging on each end. All though i ended up with my hands covered in blisters, it was a ton of fun, a ton of work, and a great family we are teaching now, but wow i have never been as tired and sore as i was that next day. i think the only thing more tireding than hell week, is cutting down trees for 5 hours. But in total we got about 20 trees cut down!!

Well I am going to try to send some pictures, But i love you all,
Elder Paul

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