Wednesday, April 28, 2010

February 22, 2010

Hey everyone how is it going? Well I am pretty pooped! It has been another big week. We baptised 5 this week. Although we are still a bit away from our baptism goal of 15 for the month, we can still do it. We also reached our other goals. We taught 63 lessons this week to investagators, in one day teaching 21 lessons and finding 26 news, and yesterday we were able to have 15 inv. in the church! So that was a realy cool experience, and i want to see if we can maybe hit 70 lessons this next week. Im going to keep pushing till i see what i am actualy capbale of.
Also i have started working out realy hard again. Me and one of my good buddies Elder Touti, Also Tongan, have been doing a new work out plan. It is a good way to start out the morning at 6 in the a.m.

Some stories for this week, Well the baptismal font stopped working, and no one could figure out how to fix it, so it took me about an hour, but we finaly got water pumping, pumps working, and we took another 2 hours shinning the font up. It looks good, and works great now! We are actually heading over there in a bit for another baptism tonight!

Other than that we have just been trying to work very hard, How are things there at home going? What happened with the Disney land tickets?

Also, ya i got about 1000 of the 1300 pasos stollen that you sent me. But i am doing ok, i sold my old electric razor, and I have some money still. i am still trying to work out that other ways of getting the package sent. So i will let you know as soon as i get more details. Thank you dad for everything! I love you tons!

Well that is about all i can think of for the week. But, if anyone plans on sending a package, i have a few requests. Could you send some more face wash, as well as teeth whitning strips. I Brush my teeth always, but with the water here all of our teeth take some beatings! Also, american food,, candy anything! ha

Well i love you all very much, thank you for everything!
Elder Paul

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