Wednesday, April 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

Hey i have a question for you dad. So i know that the schools down there get new computers every couple of years, and i reember being told at one time that most of those old computers end up getting put in storage, or sold cheeply for scraps. So i dont know if this would be possible, but i think it would be realy cool if we could find out! So here in most of the schools there are maybe 2 or three computers in the whole school. Most kids dont ever learn realy how to use computadoras, y it makes it harder for them to make it in life. Is there anyway to find out if we can do a service donation project to bring those down here? I am sure it would be a tax write off wouldnt it? So that would save the school district money as well? So i dont know could you shoot me back a few comments on this?

I love you tons,
Elder Paul

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