Wednesday, April 28, 2010

January 25, 2010

Cutting my own hair. We ran out of money to get hair cuts, so I borrowed clippers.

Eating the special cake for the day of the three kings! There are little toys hidden inside, and whoever gets the piece with the toy has to pay for tamales! (I Didnt get it)

Lala Vargas, he is going to be baptised this Friday.

My socks are getting ready to be retired. But dont worry they are nothing compared to most of the missionaries socks!

A baptism we had yesterday for Armando. His wife is getting baptised next sunday. They are the family with the Time share, and some of my best friends!

Armando and I getting ready to get wet!

A birthday cake we made for Marisol. I made and decorated it all! It is two layers, and has more choclate then you could imagine possible on a cake!

Giving Marisol her Birthday cake! She Is getting baptised next Sunday.

This is so you can see the middle layer of the cake it is choclate, with crushed up oreos! Hope you liked the pictures. Im still trying to find my other memory card, but hopefuly this will do for now. I love you all, and hope you all feel free to send some picturs back!
Elder paul

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