Wednesday, April 28, 2010

February 28, 2010

Hey everyone,
Well it has been a long week. So Ill try to sum it up as well as I can, and I am also going to see if i can send a few picutes. Well The day that I got moved to my new area (Last Monday) It started to rain, and did not stop raining til Saturday morning. And when I say rain, I mean rain, and rain hard, with no stops in between. So I think it goes without saying, that it has been very wet and cold. ANd though you may laugh like it was not much, you must rember, that we are very well equiped for the heat. Well on Tuesday night, the house flooded, and we had to wade through it to climb upstairs every night. You would be pretty proud I think, all though most the missionaries in the mission, were chilling in there houses or with members, my companion and I left every day and WORKED until we had to be in the house! Well, this is my companions second change, and since his first companion didnt realy teach him anything, he was realy reluctant at first, But after a while we started joking and having fun, and loved having the streets to ourselves! Well every door we knocked i think the people couldnt believe we were standing out in the rain in only our white shirts and ties, and everyone invited us in. We have gotten to know alot of people, and At one point we even had to brake a rule.... We were walking across a puddle that only seemed aobut knee high, when we fell, and ended up swimming, walking to the other side! Since we are not suppose to swim, I hope I will recieve forgivness for that :)

Well I told you last week im going to take to heart, what president told me about working hard enough for Jace and I, and though i am sure we still have a ways to go, I found a new level of work. It is funny, because there is times i feel like ive given it all, and then I realize there is still alot more to give.

So I got here, and as usual we didnnt realy have anyone, my companion came to pick me up, DRIVING A CAR! and there was a few inapropriate things in the house. Well I talked to my comp, and told him he can decide what kind of a missionary he wants to be, and then we cleaned the house out, and then we got to work. He is realy exicted because in the last month he has had 1 baptism, but we put down the goal for 15 baptisms. Well We were able to bring 16 investagators to church yesterday, so that was realy cool, and we both come home pooped each day. So it realy is probably the most fun i have had in my mission in awhile!

Other than that we are just going to keep trying to work realy hard. My companion just reminded me that i complited 16 months today. Crazy!

So that is what is going on here in this mission, oh and I heard that the Saints won by 14 points? is that true? Did you get the chance to record it for me? ha thanks.

Well I love you all tons, and hope everything is going well, I am going to try to send that package out to you all, but im still waiting for somethings to dry, including my camera. My backpack says its water proof, but i guess without practice int he water, it had some problems. But i got my camera all opened up on my desk drying, hopeing i will not need to get a new one. I love you all!

Elder Paul

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