Wednesday, April 28, 2010

January 18, 2010

THat was weird, I think this is one of the first weeks I have got on, and havent had any emails from the Family. But thats ok, i guess I can give you this one break. So how are things going back at home, is it still cold. The weather has just barly started to get cold here, I decided against buying a sweater last year, but figured this year I might need to, so i told some people to keep there eyes out for me, and suddenly I have 4. SO that is nice i guess.

Alright so this week went pretty well. We baptised a family. They are realy great and are going to be way good in the church. We also have another family we are working with. THey are completly Awesome. I dont know if i sent you pictures from Thanksgiving, but it is the family we ate with then. They are Armando, y Marisol. They are 24 and 28 and have two little kids. We have been with them for awhile now, and they have had alot to work through, but they are definatly some of my best friends here on the mission. THey have now been to church 3 times as a family. So they have a baptism date planned for this next week. Im realy excited, because it will most lickly be my last baptism in this area, but i sure hope i will be able to come back for there wedding in a year! That would be great.

So ya I think i will be getting a changed this next change. I have been in this are for about 7 months now i think, so that is pretty crazy. So i think i will be heading out in about two weeks! Im nervous, I dont have to much experience as far as those go. FOr those counting this will be my third are change in my WHOLE mission! It is pretty unusual. Infact we were counting and i have had 3 areas, 12 companions, I have been senor companion with 10 of them, and i have only had two companions with less time then me. Guess im just a very strange missionary!

O another thing. That family that i told you about that are gonig to be baptised, they have a Time share that they are trying to sell, but here in Mexcio it is not going well. IT is valued at 14,000! It is for a beach side condo here in mexico, and they want to sell it for 6,000. I know that you guyes dont have the money to buy it, but If you could please get the word out to everyone. They also said if we help sell it they will give us a part of that, so that could help you out too. But ya, if you could get that out, they said they can send pictures, and more info and everything. But if you could do that, I would appreciate it a lot.

Well I think that is about it, I hope everyone is doing well, and I think it is about time for some pictures of the whole family be sent this way, and i will get some pics sent out next week as well!

I love you all
Elder Paul

P.S. Could you see if Lewie can get the Coach from Utah states emailing address. I had it before but must have lost it. Don't worry, i have not changed any plans, just want to keep all options open!

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