Wednesday, April 28, 2010

February 8, 2010


Thank you so much with the money. i am realy excited to send that package, it still is not there in the account, but thank you.

So it sounds like you are doing amazing things with the priests. So just a storry I would like to share with you when you get discouraged. So I doint know if you know how much of a diference Pres. Alma Whipple made on my life, but I know he never did. I loved the man, but honestly I was a punk to him. Half the time I blew off my duties, and didnt even realy listen to what I think he was trying to tell me. But little by little he realy did help me alot. I even want to name my second sons middle name after him. (my first son will have his grandpas name) I cant share the whole story with you rite now, about what Pres Whipple did for me, just because i cant ttake more emotions rite now, but please know, you are makeing more of a difference in those boys lives than you will every know!

I love you dad,
Elder Paul

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