Wednesday, April 28, 2010

December 28, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well things are going pretty good here, I figure this is going to be pretty short, because I just talked to ya on the phone the other day! WOw was that weird or what? I was so nervous before, and was practicing my english as much as I could before hand, so I hope I did pretty good! So lets see, well Chirstmas here was crazy. You see noone realy does anything for the 25th, instead they have huge parties on the 24th. And when I say huge I mean HUGE! There were still quiet a few knocked out drunk people all over the street on Christmas day. ANd New Years will be about the same. It is realy scaring me how little time I have left in my mission, but I guess its exciting as well.

Well I dont think I have too much more to write about, I am still here in Salamanca, and with my new companion. I will check my camera and see if I have any new fotos to send and if I do I will send them off. I have not been able to send many fotos lattly, cuz I filled up my 2 2gb memory card with 4000 pictures. So I am waiting till i can afford another one, and am trying to just use my companions cameras.

Lets see other than that I thought maybe I would tell you all about my meal today. So we ate Lasgaña! It was realy good, but it had a crazy twist, It had, instead of meat, Chilis inside, and you cover it in Salsa. Just funny, how the two countries put different twists on the same food! Hope everyone has a great Holiday, and Please keep in touch!

Elder Paul

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