Wednesday, April 28, 2010

December 7, 2009

Sorry, i can not get inton, but please remeber to write me back to that other email!!
Hey everyone its me again! So bad news, I wrote an email already, and the computer I was on just randomly shut off! So since I am running out of time, I am going to have to make this pretty short! Well we are falling pretty behind on our goals, I am realy diapointed, and hope that I can double my efforts this week! Well things with the comp. I am trying to be more humble, and have a love for everyone. He heads home in about 4 weeks, so he is pretty ready to leave, and is realy disappointed that he is junior companion.

Well other than that I do not have to much to write rite now! I realy do love you all very much! I hope everything is going well, and that It is all calm, and EVERYONE has the Christmas spirit!
Ok this next part is for you mom and Dad. So for the last about three months, I have been gathering things to send home in a package. Do to sercumpstances concerning a lost cell phone, I cant send it now. It is going to be realy nice, and defiantly the only one I will be able to send home, as well as a lot of members have put in some realy nice thing! I know you were saying that maybe grandparents, were thinking about putting a little money in my account for Christmas, could you find out for me? I know I always ask about money, but I would realy like to do this, and it realy isn’t for me, but for everyone else. But in order for it to get there in time I will need to send it REALY soon, and there are a few other tidbits I would like to get! I don’t know if it is possible, but if it is could you write me back as soon as possible to let me know! I love you all very much!รง
Elder Paul

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