Wednesday, April 28, 2010

December 21, 2009

Hey everyone, how is everything doing? Man I cant beleive it is almost Christmas. It realy doen not feel too much like it down here on this side of the border. Well we just finished changes, and I recieved another Companion. His name is Elder Pasos, from Ukatan (In Mexico), and he also has more time then I but will be junior companion. I know it means pres trusts me, but I realy wish that, THat would stop happening. Ha so I now have two companions. ONe who is going home in two weeks, and the other in two months. So it is lots and lots of work!

So lets see I dont have much to talk about especialy seeing how I will be talking to you all in 4 days. Ok so, I still am not completly sure at what number I am going to need you guys to call, but it looks like I am going to have the phone at about 12oclock your time. But i will be sure to get a message off to you guys in the next day or at most two to let you know. Will everyone be ablt to talk at that time?

Please tell The Grandparents how very thankful I am for the money. It is very needed, especialy in this Christmas time. I actualy may have to break down and get a blanket or a sweater. Ha if you can believe it MExico get VERY cold! Just wondering, mom said she was going to put 50 in my account on Wednesday, I Checked and nothing was in, you didnt send it did you, because if you did I think something happend to it! But thank you always for all the help!

Well, I officialy have your package all ready. Ha I just have to wait till I have the money, but I think you will Love it. I hope I can get it send there pretty quick, and hope you all know how much I am thinking of all of you!

Well I love you all very much
Elder Paul

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