Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 21, 2010

hey everyone,

From what i understand I think Pres. Cox called and told everyone I was in the hospital. Hopefully he made sure to not make it sound bad, because it realy was not that big of a deal. Well lets see last Wednesday I was in the church, and my stomache started hurting. After about an hour I was curled up in a ball on the floor, in some of the worst pain I have ever felt. I called Hna Cox (The Presidents Wife) And she called the Doctor of the mission who is in Monteray, Mx. Well He called me I explained to him the pain, and he said it could be my appendix or a Kidney stone, so he had me drink a Liter of Water and then call him back in an hour. Well the reason I was in the church was to do an interview, so I went in the room with the guy to do the interview. Well he told me he was realy excited to be baptised, but the day before someone talked to him and realy scared him, and although he knew that the church was true, he just felt realy scared. Well I just testified (And cryied a bit) I cant remeber exactly what i said, but he looked up, and told me thank you, and asked for the white overall to be baptised! It was realy a cool experience. Well during the hour, the pain continued, but it moved alot lower, about to my waist line. The doctor called back and said he was sure it was a kidney stone, and that i needed to take some pain medicine, rest, and drink lots and lots of water. Well everything went normal after that, Except for ALOT of pain. Well we had 5 baptisms on Friday, a realy awesome family. Well Saturday night I started throwing up,and Sunday I could not even walk, so they had me get on a bus and go to the hosptial. Well the hospitals definatly are not the same here, but it was still pretty good. They did alot of tests, and blood tests, and kept me there over night. Well they decided that i was ok to leave, and yesturday morning i passed another Stone, and i am felling TONS better! So all that was just a fun experience, i hope i never have ever again!

Well tonight we have 6 baptisms. One lady we have been working on getting married for along time, and then another family that was comeing to church along time ago, but never were baptised and called us and told us they would like to be! So that will be good, but other than that, next week are changes so we will see if i get changed or not, sounds like everyone is doing great!

I love you all, and will talk to you next week!
Elder Adam Paul

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