Tuesday, November 24, 2009

September 7, 2009

Hey everyone it is me agian!

HOw is all? It realy is way hard to think of new things each week. But I heard that BYU beat Oklahoma! YES that is awesome, hopefully that will get us Moutain west in there! And that is all I am going to alk about with football because, if not I will miss it! ha

So lets see for this week, well I am the one who goes to all the little small cities around us to do baptismal interviews. I had the opurtunity last tuesday to do one that I will never forget! Her name was Flur and she had alot of questions concerning her baptism. The interview was about an hour, and during the time, she asked me why I was on a mission. I have never felt quite like I did then when I have born my testimony, and she asked me if I could baptise her Saturday. So we took the hour bus back out there and Flor was baptised. It was a very amazing experience!

Ok so now in Salmanca it is our rainy season, and wow does it poor, I have never ever seen it poor so hard before. In fact the other night at about 11:30 at night a member across the road from us called us and told us her gate had blown down, and that her cover came down as well, and she could not even open the door. Well we got up and headed over in the POURING rain. THe water was about up to our knees, and Very Verry Cold! Well we tied her fence up, and moved the cover so she could open her door, and headed back! WE WERE drenched after about 30 seconds in the rain, so the next day we both woke up sniffling quite a bit! But we put on work clothes and started fixing up her house. I even welded her gate! You see the bishop came over with a welder and started trying to weld, when, they cord caught on fire. I looked over and realized he was using like a 20 Amp 120V extencsion cord, and he took out the house power. So I "Jiffy Rigged" The welder strait into the houses metter, (the bishop had left) and wellded the gate up, I was pretty proud, lol and the gate is still holding strong! We also bought and put up a new shelter over her porch/living room, and We got her power back up and going!

Our appartment is also struggling a bit. Well first off I had to take down all the lamps we had inside and put in just light outlets, because my head was starting to hurt from hitting them so much, But because of all the rain, the bugs have come out. So In United States we do not have the Opurtunity to see Cocroaches too much, Well here I DO! You see with the rain our cocroach farm has like doubled, So here are some things I have found usuful here. First off, when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, it is good to have my eyes closed when I turn the light on, so they can all scatter first. Also when I go to put my sandles on, to pic them up and wiggle them to get any bugs off them. Also when we sleep to make sure the covers do not touch the ground because the bugs will crall up them. And to always have my covers up over my face, to keep mesquitos off! And lastly to keep EVERY type of food in the fridge! Haha, just fun things I have gotten to learn, as well as the power of RAID spray

Ok my last storry is also another lauging one, that I just think is hilarous. You see here they eat all part of animals. We were over at a members house the other day when a little girl came running in with a chickens foot sticking out of her mouth. I thought maybe she accidently ate a whole chicken or something :S But I guess they just eat chicken feet for fun ( I have been told it is like chewing on fingernails) Welll we were over at a new investegators house, he has grown up in United States, so we spoke the whole time in English (It was realy hard) and he said the same thing. He said that he could not believe that people eat chicken feet. HE told us that his girlfriend was eating one and then tried to kiss him and he said "NO YOU HAVE CHICKEN FOOT BREATH!" I thought it was hillarious, and is my new favorite quote!

Well things are going great here, and it sounds like things are going good there at home, I only have one request. You see I am getting a package together to send home in about October with all your Presents! They are all pretty cool, but I would like to send home just one box. I have presents for Josh, Robert, Dallon, and Jen. Just small things, but my problem is that It will probably run me more money then I have to send it. So I am wondering if you can help me get the money together to send it home. But do not worry I do not need the money too soon, just wanted to ask, and give you a heads up!

Well I love you ALl very much,
Elder Paul!e

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