Tuesday, November 24, 2009

September 14, 2009

Well hey everyone, it is the end of another week! It is starting to get rediculous how fast the weeks go by! Well, there realy is not too much new. BUt i do have some good news. We have jsut been informed that we are not going to have a month of sacrifice until December, wich means we will be getting complete preperation days! SO that is good, it will probly be my first time since starting the mission! SO I am ready for the day to relax a bit each week!

Well yesterday we had a pretty cool experience. I guy came into the church and asked if we could teach him how to pray. Well my companion was on the phone talking, so I had the oppurtunity to teach him one on one. He realy liked hearing about prophets, and baptism, and we are set up to meet him tomorrow again. For me it was realy amazing, because we realy struggled finding anyone this week, we sat down to talk about what we were gonig to do, and in walked Hugo, and said he needed help. It just amazed me how stressed I was to find people, and realizing that when we are ready, GOd will send people to us!

Well I realy do not have to many other things to talk about from the week, but I hope everyone will let me know how they are! Let emily know I am upset at her, because I even wrote her this time, and she didnt write back! How is Heidi doing in Cross country?

Well I love everyone!
Elder Paul

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